eaDocX Collaboration Edition



Collaboration Edition Standard Licence


Delivering full Document Creation, Management and Web Collaboration software to Enterprise Architect users, for single author, compatible with individual or shared EA models.



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Collaboration Edition Floating Licence


Containing all the features of the Collaboration Edition, a Floating Licence is suitable for companies who wish to track and share their users of eaDocX, providing the facility to administer Author Licences via the eaDocX Licence Server Application.  This is a free service with the purchase of Floating Licences.


Based on typical patterns of use, 1 eaDocX floating licence can support up to 3 authors (but only one at a time).  So, for example, a team of 12 may need only 4 Floating licences.


Floating Licence User Guide

From $4,115

per licence

Not sure whether Standard or Floating licence is right for you?

Read our guide to Licence types to find out.