New ways to collaborate - join us at the EA User Group London 18-19 May 2017

The eaDocX team is looking forward to meeting customers - past, present and future - at the next EA Usergroup event in London on May 18/19, 2017.

Ian will be presenting on both days.

Day 1. A half day session on 

Model Curation - Getting other people to understand your models

As EA users we’re great at creating ever more complex and wonderful models, using multiple modelling languages, and maybe with subtle improvements of our own. These take lots of effort and thought to create, and even more to maintain. So it’s especially annoying when other people don’t understand or appreciate what we have created. This makes it hard to check that the content of our models is right, and makes them much less useful to the rest of the business.

This workshop will explore some ways of making models more accessible to non-EA experts.  We’ll quickly review some the EA features which allow this, and some of the other ways we can ‘curate’ content for other people. Most of the workshop will be spent looking at particular scenarios and examples, and collecting together some “best practice”, using the knowledge and experience of all the delegates.

Come along and be prepared to learn AND contribute.


Day 2. Presentation

Web Collaboration - Everything is about to change

Making EA information available to people via a web interface isn’t just a technical change. It means that knowledge stored in EA can now be shared with whole new groups of business users.  Done well, this can massively improve how we engage our stakeholders. Done badly, we’ll just create more confusion. In this talk Ian will explore how this can be a game-changer for us modellers, and show what the future can hold.

The future of EA starts here.


For more information and the full agenda, visit

See you there!