Smart documents from Sparx Enterprise Architect

eaDocX is the worlds best selling EA extension, giving EA users of all abilities a simple way to produce great documents which reveal all the richness of their EA models.

Easy to use

No need for scripting or EA document specialists. eaDocX makes it easy to choose exactly the EA content you need and specify the level of detail that your readers demand.

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Flexible styling

Tight integration with Word and Excel brings power and flexibility to document formatting – so you can print what you want, how you want, and all through a familiar user interface.

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Documents that deliver

eaDocX documents give your readers up-to-date information, whenever they need it, presented in the way that works for them. With  consistent quality and integrated reviews, eaDocX delivers for your business.

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Key features

Learn more about how eaDocX can help you generate smarter documents using these powerful features

Create your first document in just 2 clicks. Simple to edit and publish online for fast review and approval.

Compose documents using all kinds of different EA sources and choose exactly what details are printed for every single piece of content.

Tight integration with Word and Excel adds all the benefits of familiar Microsoft formatting and editing to your EA models and documents.

eaDocX learns what's in your EA model, gives you tailored choices, automates hyperlinks and applies formatting rules for smart documents.

By using eaDocX my customer teams became more productive since document creation was less cumbersome and even more fun.

I am an Enterprise Architect and Change Manager. Through my consultancy company, Han van Roosmalen Softwarediensten, The Netherlands, I help information managers, enterprise and software architects and IT staff to gain better insight in the problems they have to tackle during their day-to-day jobs. In many cases I introduce them to or improve the way they work with Sparx Enterprise Architect. I bought eaDocX because I found the document generation capabilities of Enterprise Architect much too cumbersome.

Han van Roosmalen | Softwarediensten

Enterprise Architect and Change Manager

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