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Collaboration made easy

Do you and your stakeholders want a better process for document reviews?
Do you want a simple way to update your model following reviews?
And have 100% traceability of changes resulting from reviews and the reasons for them?

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Need an alternative to the native EA document generator?

Are you struggling to print exactly the EA content you want directly from your model?
Does document management and formatting take more time than doing your proper job?
Do your stakeholders want more from the documents you produce?

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“eaDocX has definitely improved my productivity, allowing me to focus entirely on the analysis and content, knowing that subsequent presentation is going to be a breeze.”
Paul Jarvis - consultant at Vodafone Group


If you're thinking about using eaDocX, you'll want to know what kind of documents you can expect to create.

We have created lots of examples of great-looking eaDocX documents:

  1. A set which shows some of the variety of print options available from a single model: Our Sample Model and documents
  2. A selection ilustrating how specialist EA modelling can be documented: Specific Examples
  3. The comprehensive set of eaDocX print options including Excel reports: Exploring eaDocX

Remember, these are all 100% generated from EA models: we have even made the models available so you can re-generate them yourself if you want.

Our Sample Model - "GetLost"

Because all our documents are generated from EA models, first we need a Model! The 'GetLost' model is a teaching example which we created to show business analysts and designers how to use Enterprise Architect, so it uses most of the important bits of EA - the bits you probably use every day. It's the example we use in our 'eaDocX Workshop' course.

The basic idea of 'GetLost' is that of an eco-friendly travel agent, which will help users to book travel in a variety of ways.

  • So first we have the Project Overview which introduces the project. It descibes the high-level objectives of the project and introduces the stakeholders. It also has some detailed requirements and Use Cases. Read this to see the quality of document which eaDocX can generate.
  • Next there is a Project Report, which shows how you can use EA and eaDocX to create a report of the risks & issues for the project, which pulls data from all parts of the model.
  • The Architecture and Process document shows what a detailed EA+eaDocX document can look at, and shows how using eaDocX Conditional formatting can help you to spot errors or missing parts of your model.
  • Finally, there is a Personalised Report. This takes the information in the EA model one stage further, to create a document which contains things which are of interest to just one really important stakeholder.

The samples are available download in two formats:

Remember, all of these examples use only data taken from the GetLost Project Example EA model. So, as the model changes, just one click will re-generate the documents, and bring them 100% up-to-date.


Specific Examples

We also have some examples which show how particular kinds of EA information can be documented quickly and easily with eaDocX.

  • The BPMN example shows how eaDocX can make a business process document clear and readable.
  • The XML example has an example of what an XML schema definition will look like using eaDocX
  • In the SysML example, we take the example model as supplied by Sparx, and after a bit of tidying-up, create a BIG document
  • The WSDL example again takes content from the EAExample model

These examples are available in two formats:

  • PDF Examples, and
  • (Registered Users) Word Source files so you can see the eaDocX profiles that created them. To get the EA Repositories from which these were taken, download the EAExample or SysML Example repositories from


Exploring eaDocX

These are a comprehensive set of examples - they are the regression test suite for eaDocX.

They look at eaDocX feature by feature, starting with simple Inline and Table formatting and diagrams, and moving on into Element and Matrix reports and advanced relationships. If the function you want isn't in these examples, it probably doesn't exist!

The Exploring eaDocX Samples are available in two formats:

The following partner organisations are Approved Resellers of eaDocX as part of their integrated Enterprise Architect offering.




ConsultLink is a technology-enabled consulting firm based in Pretoria, South Africa.


Tolmai has expertise in Database Reverse Engineering, Data Re-Engineering, and Data Migration. Data Governance, Meta Data Management, Data Quality, Data Modelling, Master Data Management and Data Architecture. Tolmai resources are Certified Data Management (DAMA) and Business Intelligence (TDWI) Professionals.




Capricorn Pro s.r.o.

Capricorn Pro is strongly focused on training, consultations and tools that have anything in common with design, analysis and programming using especially UML, BPMN and ArchiMate. 

Capricorn Pro provides expertise in Sparx Enterprise Architect, MDG technologies, add-in and metamodel creation based on customers’ needs.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Dataprojekt Ltd is a company developing software and professional services in the field of information technology. It offers high quality services at a price you can afford.


Dunstan Thomas

Dunstan Thomas Holdings Limited (Dunstan Thomas) welcomes the opportunity to submit this proposal for the delivery of Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect services.
Established in 1986, Dunstan Thomas is a UK based company providing software development, training and consulting services across Europe, the Middle East and the USA. Our services cover all aspects of the software application development lifecycle from software design to development and testing activities using market leading Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Products.
Dunstan Thomas are partners with many of the leading ALM vendors including Microsoft, Sparx Systems (Enterprise Architect), Micro Focus (formerly Borland), SmartBear and others. 

As well as a license reseller, Dunstan Thomas provide a range of value added services for our partners and customers including training, consulting, product integration and product extensions (plug-ins).

EAxpertise is a unique partnership between two sizes of The Future Group. Both are experts in the application and support of Sparx.
Based in NL, we offer consultancy and advice on the deployment of Enterprise Architect. Such as:
  • Guiding the design of Enterprise Architect for architectural teams
  • Coaching of Architecture teams in changing architecture processes based on Enterprise Architect
  • Introduction of an architecture repository based on Enterprise Architect
  • Development of AddOns and Scripts for EA.

Mosaic Island

The Mosaic Island team are experts in Design and Assurance of complex IT change - from strategy through to delivery - enabling our clients to accelerate and exceed their business ambitions with confidence.

Using proven architecture toolsets we work with organisations to establish and improve their architecture governance processes so they can better control and deliver change to their systems. 

Mosaic Island is a certified partner and a reseller of Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect and eaDocX.


VISEO is a consulting, services and training company, an expert in object architectures (Java, JEE, .Net) and web, mobile applications (Android, iPhone, HTML5 ...), agile methods, modeling (UML) and assistance with contracting (AMOA).

The foundations of our services are:

  • Keep it simple but not simplistic
  • Being agile and scalable build
  • Innovating for the user
  • Automate processes and equip
  • Draw and make visible rather than making long speeches

As a registered Value Added Reseller and Trainer of Sparx Enterprise Architect and eaDocX, I am uniquely positioned to help you create models and documentation that rock!
I've been helping teams (small, medium, and large) getting the most of their approach and tooling.
Having had to script Word through COM to get what we wanted since even the most advanced features of EA were letting us down, I can help you get the most out of a solution like eaDocX.


  • Licences Sales
  • Customization of eaDocX for your specific needs
  • Advice on how to best structure the EA models for superior usage

Sparx Systems Central Europe

SparxSystems Central Europe centers its focus on providing customized assistance for European customers, with language specific technical and sales support.

With our qualified training staff, SparxSystems Central Europe has the knowledge to tailor our courses with the specific requirements of your company.  Our German training tutorial is constantly updated to reflect the latest features of Enterprise Architect and is valuable tool to assist you through your first steps with EA. 

We will gladly keep you up to date with our current events, training opportunities and our appearances at trade fairs. 
SparxSystems Central Europe has also published the Enterprise Architect book: "Project Management with UML and Enterprise Architect" which can be bought here.  


North America and Canada:

Integrate IT

Integrate IT is an international solutions company providing value added consulting, coaching and training for customers who need to implement innovative and efficient business solutions that directly align goals, business capabilities, people and business models with a dramatically improved software development process.

A flexible and lean business model is critical to business survival and success and an indispensable means to remain ahead of the the competition.

Integrate IT has a proven track record mentoring organizations to adopt an integrated approach when improving processes, people skills and enterprise architectures. Our customers become more flexible, competitive and cost effective in the emerging digital economy.

Countries of operation:USA, Canada

IAG Consulting

IAG helps you build better systems, run better organizations, execute better strategies, and achieve better results by using requirements-driven business architecture and analysis best practices. 

Established in 1997, IAG has over 40 senior consultants, has worked with a majority of the F1000 companies, trained over 100,000 professionals, and led 1,000’s of projects.  IAG provides consulting expertise, methodologies, standards and resources to the IT and business community in medium to large corporations and governments worldwide. 

IAG is privately held with offices in the US and Canada, and based in New Castle, Delaware. 1.800.209.3616.

Iconix SW



Catch Software

Catch Software is an award winning software company headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand. We make test management software, execution and integration tools that help QA professionals get more out of their testing effort. Integration with requirements management and issue management tools is a key piece of the puzzle, since it allows the creation of an end-to-end solution across the development lifecycle. Since 2006, Catch has partnered closely with Sparx Systems and Atlassian to achieve this.


The following software vendors are Approved Resellers of eaDocX.










BT Software





Globe Microsystems

Grey Matter



Mosaic island

Portland Europe

Phoenix Software


Process Flows UK Ltd



Software One





Spark Dynamic


TTS Company






OSB Software



Lonsdale Systems

eaDocX is keen to work with companies who provide solutions and additional support services to the Enterprise Architect user community.

For details of the Reseller accreditation process, or to apply, please visit the Ability Engineering website.  We're looking forward to meeting you.




You are just minutes away from producing great looking, readable and accurate documents from your EA model. Download a free 30-day trial now and experience how eaDocX can transform the way you work with Enterprise Architect.

Need an alternative to RTF?

Are you struggling to print what you need with the native EA document generator?

Does document production take more time than doing your proper job?

Do your stakeholders want more from the documents you produce?

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Tired of copying and pasting?

Wouldn't it be great to generate exactly the EA content you want directly from your model?

WIth document formatting to suit your company branding and presentation styles?

And whenever you need to update, to do it all with just a couple of clicks?

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“eaDocX has definitely improved my productivity, allowing me to focus entirely on the analysis and content, knowing that subsequent presentation is going to be a breeze.”
Paul Jarvis - consultant at Vodafone Group


Every eaDocX purchase includes 12 or 36 months access to email support and all code updates for the software version purchased.

At the end of this time you can extend your access to new features and improvements in the software, plus the ability to raise support tickets, by buying additional support.  Log in and view "My Licence" for your support eligibility and purchase options.

(Note that this support is available on a 'per licence' basis.  If you have bought several licences you will need to buy the same number of support extensions so that everyone can retain access to the customer webpages.)

For additional support services, including our "Remote Mentoring" package which provides EA and eaDocX combined support, please visit the Ability Engineering website.


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    eaDocX contains a set of sample Profiles, which contain some formatting options for some common kinds of document.
    ·    Business Analysis Outline has simple, mostly table-style formatting for the EA elements most commonly used in business analysis
    ·    Use Case Detail prints more details about use cases, and assumes that you have basic path, alternates and exceptions for each one
    ·    Components and Interfaces has many of the elements needed to print an EA model which contains a component architecture. It prints the details of the components and their interfaces, as well as the Assembly-type associations between components.

    Articles describing the features and use cases for creating great documents with eaDocX: document excellence

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