eaDocX | Insert | Project Glossary

Adding a Glossary to a document can be a time-consuming process. But an accurate Glossary can really help your readers to understand terms in your document which they don't understand. And a shared set of definitions can help reduce misunderstandings.
You probably don't have time to go through the whole document, and look at all the terms which are used. You probably just copy & paste a glossary from another document, and hope that the terms in your document are there - somewhere.

EA and eaDocX allows for a much smarter, easier and more accurate approach to creating a glossary, so that:

  • It contains ONLY those terms which are used in the document
  • Has definitions which are taken from EA, so the definitions can be shared across many documents
  • Refreshes the contents of the glossary each time the document is re-generated.

Giving you more time to concentrate on analysis and design, and letting the boilerplate content manage itself.

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