Choosing the Word 'styles' for your documents has always been an important way to make Word documents look they way you want. You may have spent hours customising the styles in your Word document, or may have been given a set to use which have your company's approved look & feel.

Either way, fitting-in with those styles is important to making generated documents look as good as hand-written ones. 

eaDocX makes use of the styles you define in your Word documents:

This allows you to change the look of your document at a fine level.

  • All Packages are given a heading level which correspond to the built-in Word styles for headings: Heading1....Heading(n). These settings are built-in to eaDocX.
  • Inline text can be formatted in paragraphs or lists, bulletted or numbered, to give you maximum flexibility.
  • Tables: different Word styles can be chosen, for the column titles of the table and for the table contents, with numbered or bulleted lists also available. (The default is to use the 'Normal' style.)
  • Matrix reports: Source columns, Target headings, Titles and table cells can each have a different Word style associated with them
  • Diagram titles and notes can be separately formatted, with Paragraphs, bullet lists and numbered lists all independently defined.
  • Finally, all other generated text  - this also uses the 'Normal' style by default.

 To change which of your styles are used by column heading, table contents and other text, select Tools | Options | Word Styles and choose from the list of styles available in your document.