It's a common reader requirement to see where the changes are between one document version and another. This helps them to concentrate on the right part of your document.

You can do this in one of two ways:
  1. Using Word 'Compare' function.

If you use eaDocX Corporate Edition, you can use  'Compare Versions' from the Document Detail window:

This will find the two versions you'd like to compare, and use Word 'Compare' to create a new document which highlights the differences.

Or you can open the documents manually, and use Word Compare. See eaDocX help for Document Version Compare

  1. Using eaDocX Change Marking

You can also get a view of what's changed in an eaDocX document by generating the document using the 'Change Mark' function.  This works by looking at the 'last updated' timestamp which EA updates each time you change anything about an element.  

When you have Change Marking on, eaDocX will look at the timestamp of each element as it is printed, and compare it with a date which you select.  If the EA timestamp is greater than the one you chose, eaDocX will colour the relevant element text to match whatever you have specified.
See eaDocX Help for Change Marking

In eaDocX, see eaDocX | Options and Settings | Options for this document | Change Mark settings or eaDocX Help