Diagrams are at the heart of the work you do in EA, so naturally eaDocX will print all kinds of diagrams in all kinds of ways.

At it simplest, and Package or Element can print its child diagrams. eaDocX can even add a Figure number, and format any notes which you have attached to the diagram.

But eaDocX can do so much more with diagrams...

Printing Diagram Contents

By default, when you print a diagram, eaDocX will print the picture. But selecting the option to 'print diagram and contents', eaDocX will print all the elements in the diagram, no matter where they sit in your model. This is a great way to create documents with a set of elements which you can choose individually. You can even choose to ignore the source diagram, and just print its contents. This is especially useful where the diagram represents a particular viewpoint on the model, such as with TOGAF.  See eaDocX Help - Printing Diagrams

Excluding Diagrams

Some of your diagrams are probably just work-in-progress, and should not appear in any document. So, just click 'exclude from RTF'  in the EA properties for the diagram, and eaDocX will neer print it in any document. Simple!

Sequence Diagrams

If you decide to print a Sequence Diagram as 'diagram and contents' then eaDocX will list all the messages which appear in each diagram. This make documenting sequence diagrams quick and simple. See eaDocX Help - Sequence Diagrams