eaDocX Elements Reports give a new a new way to document your model

Most of the formatting options in eaDocX are designed to let you print the contents of your EA model based on its package structure.
The Element Report feature lets you cut across the package structure, and gather elements from anywhere in the model, and list them, either as a table or inline.  This is useful for collecting all the instances of an EA element together, regardless of where those elements appear, for example, all the 'issues' you've created.
Element Reports are also useful to check on the completeness of your model, or to find new elements since a particular date.

Element Report Types

You can print two types of element report (a third type, using EA Model Searches is waiting for a change in EA):
  • Package-based reports - These print all the elements of a particular type which are underneath a specified package, regardless of where they are in the hierarchy of that package.
  • EA Model Search Reports - these print the results of running an EA Model Search.
  • Cross-reference reports - these can list all the elements of a particular type which are mentioned elsewhere in your document.
You can also apply filters to Package- and Cross-reference reports.

Adding a Report

To add an element report Section to your document, select Insert | Report | Element report:
See also the eaDocX Help - Element Reports and the Element report in the exploring eaDocX Guide to Samples