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Ad-hoc diagrams

Use the ‘Contents not diagram’ printing option to create a document with just the relevant information needed for an ad-hoc meeting called about an urgent issue.

Create a diagram, then drag and drop all the elements & packages you need into it.

This technique provides a way of quickly creating a document from information found anywhere in your model, using a whole variety of EA elements.

Add any model content

Just add your diagram into an eaDocX document and configure the diagram to print in ‘Contents, no diagram’ style.

Here’s a part of an EA project browser and an ad-hoc diagram including some elements from other packages.

The resulting document Section

eaDocX will print the diagram contents, using the formatting options defined for each element type in the diagram. In this example, Actor elements print in numbered paragraphs and Issues print in tables. (Packages, by default, always print in paragraphs.)

If there are no formatting options defined, eaDocX will create a default set for each element type, based on what it finds in your model. Find out more about formatting here (link to new Tables/paragraphs/in-line tables article)


You can refine this even further

… by selecting the visibility of attributes and operations/methods in your class diagrams (link to new exclude include article). Then eaDocX will print only those attributes and operations which are shown in the diagram.

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