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Document reviews

Review your EA model online - through Word documents

Streamline your EA document reviews

Make your documents interactive. Allow your readers to add their comments directly into your documents

The readers of your documents will already know how to add revisions and comments to Word documents. They may also be using the collaboration functions of Teams or Sharepoint to do document reviews.

Now all these changes can be pulled back into EA through the eaDocX Revision Manager.

Including reviewer feedback from Word documents into your EA model has never been easier

The eaDocX Revision Manager

The eaDocX Revision Manager pulls together all the comments and revisions on lots of copies of the same document. Whether you send a separate copy to each reviewer, or take the results of a Microsoft Teams or SharePoint collaborative review for multiple people. Revision Manager will show you everything which everyone has said.

It will also show you exactly which EA element the revision/comment applies to, and if you wish, copy that content straight into the correct element and attribute in your EA model.

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