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Sparx EA Traceability

With eaDocX

An audit trail for the changes you have made

Revisions in EA

When you have collected all the comments and revisions from your reviewers, and accepted them into EA, eaDocX makes changes in your model:

  1. Any field that you have changed is updated. (e.g.Element priority, Package notes, Diagram name…)
  2. You also have the option to create an audit-trail, to see who made the changes. These are just regular EA elements, so you could, for example, include them in the next version of the document, to re-assure your readers that their feedback is being included.

If you choose to, a Note is added into EA attached to the element/package/diagram that was changed. The note provides an audit trail of who requested the change, the date it was made, and the old and new values. Making it clear why changes were made.

Plus the revised documents returned from your reviewers provide full traceability.

And for the rest...

For comments that didn’t result in a change, or if several people commented but only one ‘took the credit’, or if changes that were made to non EA-generated content, the complete audit trail is available in the Word document versions that your reviewers revised.

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