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Webinar – How to successfully scale up your EA modelling team

This webinar from the EA Global Summit 2020 describes the key issues and decisions to consider when scaling up your modelling team, and how to avoid some common pitfalls.

This webinar is a brief introduction to some of the content from the Ability Engineering 1-day workshop focused on the issues to consider when growing a team that’s modelling with EA.

The full set of topics includes Mechanics of growing, Baselines, DIFF, Version control and auditing, Reference data, Reusable Asset Server, Security, Harvesting, Keys to Success, Governance Approaches, Partitioning and more

(In the 1-day course we work through all these issues in detail, aligning them with your strategy).

Managing and accelerating adoption of EA in your organisation

Organisations introducing EA will often go through a fairly typical technology adoption curve – from enthusiasm at the start, through total gloom as difficulties and challenges appear, and then hopefully to a realistic steady state.

This webinar aims to help you identify what’s needed to get to a productive steady state, with a team of users, modelling in EA, as fast as possible.

P.S. Despite the gloom that your team may encounter, some individuals do remain super enthusiasts or ‘Tiggers’* right the way through.

(*see A.A.Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh books)

Model Expert Badges are now available for Tiggers

Contact us to find out how to get yours.

Keys to Success

  • Identify a high level stakeholder – CEO/CTO/budget holder – who will be the senior sponsor for the use of EA in your organisation
  • Make the creation of EA deliverables part of peoples personal objectives, and the project delivery process
    • Make the use of EA measurable
  • Be able to trust the knowledge in the model – quality, reliability, sources, consistency
    • ‘quantitative’ standards followed in modelling approach – various ways to do this including standard models for comparison, validation rules etc. see https://www.eamodelexpert.com/ for more information
    • ‘qualitative’ standard of the content – peer reviewed and approved.
  • Harvest existing knowledge into the model – don’t re-invent the wheel – lots of tools available to do this including eaDocX for MS Word and Excel content…
  • Make the content ‘Re-Useful’ – i.e. easy to re-use
  • Good quality diagrams (see https://www.eadocx.com/learn/insights/ for more on this topic.
  • Celebrate good modelling examples (Hall of Fame)
  • Modelling in EA can support your business whatever your business style – Waterfall, Agile, or a composite approach
  • Include a manageable set of elements/connectors/diagrams in your model – avoid high levels of complexity
  • Provide guidance/mentors to support modellers
  • Shared repository technology that works for you – lots of options including EA in the Cloud
  • Identify how you will share content with non-EA users – e.g. documents or web collaboration or both – and use those outputs to inform what and how you model.
  • Identify and implement key integrations to other tools – and where the master data will be held
  • Create a checklist for first time users
  • Provide modelling advice and guidance -e.g. Model Expert https://www.eamodelexpert.com/, MDGs, etc.
  • Identify ‘standard’ pieces of information and use them across project deliverables (e.g. organisation chart, project introduction)
  • Identify a model governance process and model owner
    • Applies to all models: BPMN, Enterprise Architectures (with Components, Interfaces, Instances, Operations, Sequence diagrams), Use Cases, User Stories, Requirements, …

Set up your EA team and EA model for success

We provide Remote Mentoring web-based support to help you to work through these issues and design and implement a

  • modelling environment,
  • model management and
  • model governance approach

that works for you. We can also provide ongoing support for your modellers.

Contact us for a no-obligation chat.

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