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Christmas Greetings 2022

It's a wrap! So that was 2022. Congratulations, you made it. As we look forward to time with family and friends, the holidays also give us space to think about things in a new way. So when you've done all the jigsaws, here are some suggestions...

One Model, Many Projects

Portfolio Manager provides impact assessments, roadmaps and more for your modeling team, transforming Project and Program collaboration in EA.

  • Real-time impact assessments warning when your model changes will overlap or interfere with changes being made by other projects; reducing duplication, re-work and project delays.
  • Summary views of all the changes happening in a portfolio of projects making it easy to identify potential issues and drill down to examine project dependencies.
  • Model managers can see the roadmap of change for each element in the model, including every planned and proposed change resulting from every project. Clear traceability from As-Is to To-Be.
  • Portfolio Manager delivers a summary view of all planned changes to the complete model as each project delivers. Scroll forward from today into the future, and see how the ‘To-be’ state develops over time.

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Update your model with Word

Combine all the document feedback from your stakeholders into a single view for one-click model updates… A simple solution to a longstanding problem.

Manage the full information lifecycle with all the document feedback from every document and every reviewer in one place.

Everything collated and tagged with the EA element, connector or diagram it relates to. So it’s easy to look at everything together and make the right changes to your model, once.

Saving you time and effort and letting you focus on adding value where it matters.

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11 top model quality tips

Is there chaos in your connectors? Do you know who is using which element types?

Discover new insights into your model, and spot and resolve problems – missing data or inconsistencies – with the FREE Model Expert meta-model view.

Hint: None of these are automatically modelling ‘errors’ – they are just things which you should think about, and maybe investigate a bit more.

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eaDocX on tour: New Zealand, Feb 2023

The eaDocX team is based in the UK, and we get to meet other EA users mostly at EA user group events, usually in Europe. Virtual events, like the EA Global Summit, mean that those in other parts of the world now know what Ian looks like too. But we’ve all spent far too much time in video meetings, so – radical idea – lets try meeting face to face!

On Thursday 9th and Friday 10th February we’ve got an opportunity to meet EA users in Wellington, and on Monday 27th and Tuesday 28th February we’ll be available to meet in Auckland. If you’d like to …

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Best wishes from Wales. We’re looking forward to exciting new developments in 2023, but for now lets celebrate.

Have fun, stay safe … and see you next year!

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All EAUG abstracts and speaker details now published

17 May 2023

Discover full details of every session and every speaker in Reading UK on 19th and 20th June 2023

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Reading EA User Group Tickets on sale

24 April 2023

The Agenda has been published and the tickets are now available - See you there!

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Coming Soon - eaTeamWorks

24 April 2023

Find out more at the next EA User Group - in Reading, London, UK - 19/20 June

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Join us at the next EA User Group Event

27 March 2023

In Reading, London UK, on June 19 and 20 2023

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Opportunity to meet eaDocX in 2023

27 October 2022

Would you like to meet the eaDocX team? We will be in Wellington and Auckland NZ in Feb 2023. Will you?

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EA v16 and eaDocX compatibility

25 October 2022

EA v16 has introduced a 64-bit installer and is optimized for QEAX databases. What difference does that make to eaDocX?

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EA Global Summit 2022

30 August 2022

Workshops, training and modeling inspiration for EA users

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Portfolio Manager - the new product from eaDocX

15 June 2022

Model multiple projects in the same Sparx EA repository with real time impact assessments, element roadmaps, time machines & more

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Speakers for the Reading User Group announced!

12 April 2022

The full line-up of EA experts and users who will be sharing their wisdom and experience in Reading on May 24th 2022 is here

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The EA User Group is back - May 24th 2022!

3 March 2022

Your chance to come and share your knowledge and experience with the the EA community - In Real Life!

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Only Connect - a guide to EA traceability

6 September 2021

Join us at the EA Global Summit on 9/9/21 to find out why traceability is not as simple as just connecting two things together on a diagram.

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What's New? April 2021 News from eaDocX

26 April 2021

It's been a while since we last sent out a newsletter, and the world seems to have changed a bit…

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What’s next for eaDocX?

26 April 2021

We're making changes to the eaDocX UI - what change would you like to see?

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Streamlined user accounts, downloads and shop access

26 April 2021

New websites for eaDocX and Model Expert. Making it easier to find the information you need.

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A new way to collaborate

26 April 2021

A totally new approach to collaboration with eaDocX – no more web servers, just super-smart documents.

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Sparx Experts in the Cloud

26 April 2021

Bring your EA support into the cloud as well.

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Sparx in the Cloud: SAAS

26 April 2021

Get all your Sparx world as a Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) app.

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1 April 2021

Now you can create great EA documents in your browser

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Announcing the new eaDocX Website

11 June 2020

With new styling, layout and navigation.

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New Collaboration Edition Special Offer

4 June 2020

Automatic model updates from Word document reviews

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EA Global Summit

19 May 2020

Ian will be presenting 3 sessions at the FREE EA Community Global Summit June 1-5 2020

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Same, Same but Different

7 May 2020

New look website launched

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The Artful Modeller

23 April 2020

Follow Ian's updates on the subject of good modelling style

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Model Expert 2020 Launched!

6 November 2019

Dashboards, navigation for find and fix, and guided modelling support for your team

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Group licence launched

14 December 2017

The solution for teams sharing eaDocX

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Brexit or eaDocXit?

6 July 2016

Communicate clearly or you may up with surprising results

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EA Master document and Model document collaboration

9 November 2015

Taking existing EA documents and amking them even better

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Ty Gallu - Open for Business

2 August 2015

The eaDocx offices - where the magic happens

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"eaDocX is Magic"

28 March 2014

Speaker stories from the Toronto EA usergroup April 2014

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A Perfect Match

2 August 2013

Ian and Jackie shared a stage at the PAM Summit, Cracow. How do you think that went?

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How to Convince your Boss

25 April 2013

Why eaDocX? Here are some answers

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Introduction to eaDocX Training Materials

8 November 2012

A self-study training guide to help you get started with eaDocX

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eaDocX: Approved EA Extension

8 November 2011

Document Excellence - for all

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We've written eaDocX - so you don't have to

5 October 2011

Do you struggle with creating EA documents? We did too.

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