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“eaDocX is Magic”

Speakers shared stories and experiences using EA and eaDocX.

At the Toronto User group event held on 23-24th April, we were thrilled to hear several eaDocX customers speak about their experiences.

Dina O’Donnell and Guillaume Lechachasseur of KPMG compared the lessons learned from reporting using eaDocX and the EA RTF generator.

eaDocX is the tool of choice to generate all the project documentation for several US State Health Care “ObamaCare” implementations.

As Ian Gilmour, the KPMG Chief Enterprise Architect, KERA HHS, and host of the User Group conference said:

eaDocX is Magic!

Ramsay Millar, Principal of Integrate IT...

… illustrated his comprehensive overview of lessons learned implementing TOGAF 9 in EA, using eaDocX reporting to create a full set of Customer views.

​David Lempia of Rockwell Collins ...

… described how he used the powerful Excel integration features of eaDocX to perform full technical, costed trade-off studies using Enterprise Architect, and then reported on them using eaDocX Word documents.

Joab Stieglitz, an independent consultant ...

… presented a case study titled “Improving Solution Development with Enterprise Architect and eaDocX”, explaining how, modeling with Enterprise Architect and using eaDocX, he was able to transform the work and time required to create proposals for tailored technical solutions.

Charlene Banks, President, CEO of Charsoft Consulting ...

… spoke about “Agile Unified Process using EA” including using the flexible reporting options within eaDocX to generate all the necessary reporting.

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