eaDocX takes the hard work out of creating the documents you need from your EA models, and helps you through the review and approval process.

No matter the type of data you want to publish, getting your document reviewed and approved can be a time consuming and frustrating process.

But with eaDocX, authors can remove the pain, take control of the process, and reduce the time and effort needed to get to Approved.

Just generate and publish your document with tracked changes enabled. Distribute it in the usual way – publish in Teams, Sharepoint (other document sharing platforms are available) or send copies to individuals online. Your readers will open your eaDocX document just like any other Word document, and add their comments and make changes in Word in the usual way.

Then wait for the review comments and revisions to come back.

When the review is complete, use the eaDocX revision manager to collate the responses and apply them directly into your EA model. Making edits and additions fast and efficient.

Turn documents into conversations.

For documents being reviewed by multiple people, conversations happen normally through comments and replies and multiple revisions.

If needed you can contribute to those conversations too, so you can explain why your content looks the way it does and clear up misunderstandings within a single iteration.

Full traceability

As comments and revisions from your document review are incorporated into the EA model, a note is added to explain when, where and why this change was made. And whether from a single document or many, eaDocX can identify each different contribution from each indvidual reviewer, so you retain complete traceability.

Make your document into a virtual meeting.

Often senior stakeholders need to know “what is the key part of this document for me?” and don’t have time to read through every page to find the significant part. Maybe they are reviewing the document while traveling, or they are based in a different location altogether.

So if you had just two minutes to talk them through the document, what are the parts you would point them to, and what questions would you ask? With Collaboration edition, you can add those questions and usingĀ conditional formatting highlight where you need input, directing your reviewers straight to them. It’s as good as being in the room with them.


Contract compliance

Specifications and other contractual documents can be created and sent to various suppliers for their response.

It’s simple for them to indicate full, partial or non-compliance against any part of your model: requirements, use cases, interfaces, processes. And each of their responses is linked to the reviewer, relevant element in the model and the document (and version), giving you full traceability for evaluating their submission.

Approvals made easy

After the document has been out for review and all comments and questions have been resolved, you’ll want to get it approved. So send out the final version with only one thing for them to do – Approve it. EA stores the approval along with the document version and all the comments and versions that resulted in this approval – providing a full audit trail.

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