With eaDocX guided reviews, document feedback and approvals are fast and streamlined.

Reviewing documents can be time-consuming, inefficient, tedious, and – at worst – a waste of time.

Making sure you have the correct version, duplicating comments that others are making, only discovering too late that you haven’t included the right people in the review. 

But with eaDocX, it’s easy to see what’s happening and where your contribution is most valuable. Just open the document ready for your review and see where the author needs your input.

If the document is in a shared space (Teams, SharePoint etc.) and several people have access, you can see who else has been reviewing the document and if necessary join in a conversation in the comments. That means you save time if another reviewer has already corrected something. So you can spend your time on the parts of the report that matter.

Clean and simple navigation

eaDocX lets you review the document in the way that suits you. Using standard Word functions – no need to learn a new tool or grapple with a new user interface. 

Just add your comments and revisions to the document in the usual way. And if the author has flagged some parts specifically for you, it’s easy to find the highlighted parts and quickly see where you need to focus.

Work anywhere, on any device

As busy people, we need to be able to make the most of every minute. However you access your documents, you can review and collaborate wherever there is an internet connection – using your iPad, tablet, smartphone or your laptop. Making even travel time productive.

Receive instant updates

For documents published on Teams and other shared platforms, you can see what others are contributing in real-time and be sure that your input is captured too, even if you lose connection to the web.

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