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Sparx EA Extension Features

It’s easy to create great documents from Enterprise Architect models, with flexible styling options for documents that deliver.

Choose a data source

EA Package structure

The simplest way to create an eaDocX document.

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Building Documents with Sections

Include multiple EA data sources in a single document

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Tailored document contents

Choose the level of detail for each element in your document

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Use a diagram to define your document contents

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Element Reports and Searches

Document Elements wherever they are in your model

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Model Views

Create documents based on pre-defined EA Model Views

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Relationship and Gap Matrices

Use the data in EA to enrich how relationships are displayed

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Smart glossary generation for each document

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Other EA Project Data

Documents that go beyond the Package browser

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Excel Charts and Tables

Include Excel Data in your Word documents

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Existing Word documents

Add generated EA content into any Word document

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EA Extras

Linked documents, manual cross references and discussions

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Sequence Diagrams

Sequence diagrams have additional printing options

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Ad-hoc diagrams

For rapid creation of one-off documents for meetings or single issue reviews

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Format the contents

Paragraphs & tables

Document formatting that suits your model contents

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Conditional formatting

Make your documents easy to read

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Sorting and filtering

Organise, order and select your model contents for each document

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Compact document

Make generated documents look like normal documents

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Word styles and templates

Generate documents that set standards

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Document management

Full document versioning, history and approvals traceability

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Change Marking

Track changes and compare versions

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Navigating your document

Adding Table of Contents, Table of Figures, Table of Tables.

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Take granular control of your document contents

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Create your own mini-eaDocX generators

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Publishing formats

Use eaDocX to generate Word, Excel, and HTML documents

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Save time

Quick Document

Just 2 clicks to a smart document

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Shared Document Settings

Creating sets of documents with common formatting.

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Generation short-cuts

Time saving features when you are creating and updating your documents

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Hyperlinks from connectors

Reveal the structure of your model in your documents

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Importing content into EA

From existing Word, Excel and EA Master and Model documents

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Integrate with Excel

Export EA data to Excel

Provide EA data to Excel users

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Edit EA data in Excel 

A fast and simple way to update your models.

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Edit EA Connectors in Excel

A simple way to bulk create, edit and delete connectors

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Compare & Import into EA

Auto-Highlight changes before committing them to your model.

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Excel Chart 'time machine'

See how your model has changed

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Interactive documents

Document reviews

Review your EA model online - through Word documents

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Collaborative working

Publish your documents online in Teams, Sharepoint or DropBox, for shared reviews

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Requesting Feedback

Collect feedback in general, or ask reviewers for specific input

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Updating your model

Collect, select and apply every review response direct into EA.

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EA traceability

An audit trail for the changes you have made

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The smart document generator used by...


eaDocX takes the hard work out of creating the documents you need from your EA models, and helps you through the review and approval process.

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eaDocX creates documents that are easy to read, simple to navigate, and up-to-date. Which means clearer communications and better decisions.

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With eaDocX guided reviews, document feedback and approvals are fast and streamlined.

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Discover how eaDocX can make your team more effective and keep your stakeholders happy.

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