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    Mike Hopkins

    I am experiencing an issue with eaDocX not accurately capturing information from a model package. The package contains a supertype interface block with two subtypes. The specific problems (which can be seen in the attached) are:
    – The labels of all Tag values of all the interface blocks are listed for each interface block (each type should list only its Tag value).
    – The Method inherited from the supertype is not listed for the subtypes (only the subtype specific methods are listed).

    Please advise whether this is expected behaviour, and if so ways of working around this issue.


    Ian Mitchell

    Hi Mike,
    I’ve reproduced the diagram you posted above, and re-created the same document you see, so we’re both on the same page.
    Albeit not the page you want to be on…
    To re-create your example, I told eaDocX to print each of the TVs by name, for any InterfaceBlock element. Whic is all that eaDocX allows us to do.
    There is no way to say ‘only print non-inherited TVs’, or, ‘only print the TV with where an element has it’s own value for it.
    I think that maybe what you are asking for is a more generic feature, which says ‘print all my Tagged Values’, with a further option to ‘print TVs specific to this elemnt’ or the opposite ‘print TVs INCLUDING those I inherit’.
    Is this what you need ? Or am I missing something?

    Mike Hopkins

    Hi Ian,
    My requirement is to be able to print only the TVs that are specified for a sub-type of an interface block as well as any inherited TVs. This is in the same way that Methods are handled and represents what is viewed in the interface block model elements as shown in the diagram in my original attachment. As indicated in my original post, it looks this can’t be done in eaDocX and if so, I would like to know if there are any work-arounds.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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