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Free 1-2-1 Trial Support

1 hour of free online support to help you make the most of eaDocX.

Discover how eaDocX revolutionizes document creation from EA. How simple it is to create documents containing exactly the content and formats you need, and how this can change the way you use EA.

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    What we can help you with

    • How to customise eaDocX to get exactly the documents you need
    • How to manage document reviews and reviewer feedback within EA.
    • Creating a family of documents
    • Putting more content into EA, to make documents simpler to re-generate
    • Improving how to import and export information using eaDocX and Excel
    • The offer of help is not limited to just eaDocX. We also provide support for your Model Expert trial. And other customers tell us that using our software can change how they use EA, so we’re happy to provide advice to you on how you’re using EA.

    Please note that we’re EA users ourselves, but that means we don’t know everything about everything in EA: we’re best in the Business Analysis area, but have used most bits of the tool a little. Where we don’t know, we can can usually direct you to other sources of help.


    • Open to anyone who has a current trial version of eaDocX or Model Expert
    • If you have previously tried our software and your trial has expired, but not purchased, please contact us to get a new trial key.

    Support is available over the phone, via online chat, or video/screen share (recommended)

    • We have experience of using Skype, Teams, WebMeeting, GoToMeeting and Zoom but can use others if required.

    Offer is limited to 1 hour per product, per organisation, not per user. So if there are 10 of you evaluating eaDocX or Model Expert, sorry, but you don’t get 10 hours of support!

    • Minimum period for a session is 1/2 hour, so a maximum of 2 x 1/2 hour per organisation
    • Confidentiality. Any communication you have with us is subject to normal commercial confidentiality: we won’t tell anyone else about what we talk to you about. Within the 1 hour support period, there just isn’t time to time to organize customer-specific non-disclosure agreements. So, if your content is very sensitive, we suggest you create a share-able model which has non-sensitive content.

    If you need additional support for your project beyond the free 1 hour, you can buy Remote Support.

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