Video Overview

If you are new to eadocX, the best place to start is by creating a Quick Document. Let eaDocX do the work of analyzing the strcuture of your document, and creating a document based on what it finds.

Choose from Quick Document for

  • User Stories - shows how Quick Document works for a simple model
  • Use Cases  - see how eaDocX discovers the structure of your model, and creates a document ready for you to customize 
  • Requirements - some more options for creating Quick Documents, for more advanced models. Start to customize your Quick Document 

Quick Documents - for User Stories

This shows how to create an eaDocX Quick Document for some Sparx EA User Stories.

Quick Documents - for Use Cases

This shows how to create a great-looking document for some Sparx EA Use Cases.

Note: this video has no audio.

Quick Documents - for Requirements

Shows how to use an eaDocX Quick Document to document some Requirements, and their related content.