Masterclass - Using Model Views

EA Model Views are a way to collect together a set of packages, diagrams and elements in your model, into a 'favourites' folder.

You can have any number of these folders - for example, one for each proejct you're working on.

eaDocX can use these Model View folders to create documents which are quick to create, and really flexible.

Masterclass - Structuring documents using connectors

Lots of documents use EA Packages for their structure. But what if you need to see your model in a different way?
This video show you how, using EA connectors, and the power of eaDocX.

Masterclass - Word table styles

Use the power of Word to make your documents look great, and easier to read.


Video Overview

If you are new to eadocX, the best place to start is by creating a Quick Document. Let eaDocX do the work of analyzing the strcuture of your document, and creating a document based on what it finds.

Choose from Quick Document for

  • User Stories - shows how Quick Document works for a simple model
  • Use Cases  - see how eaDocX discovers the structure of your model, and creates a document ready for you to customize 
  • Requirements - some more options for creating Quick Documents, for more advanced models. Start to customize your Quick Document 

Quick Documents - for User Stories

This shows how to create an eaDocX Quick Document for some Sparx EA User Stories.