Quick Documents #3 - for Requirements

Shows how to use an eaDocX Quick Document to document some Requirements, and their related content.

This video shows how Quick Document works with more complex models by discovering the structure of your model, to give you a flying start ... towards creating an excellent Word document from your Sparx EA model.

Start by getting some test data from EA - a more complex model with multiple relationship types and tagged values - e.g. the Requirements Traceabilty Model.

  • Run Quick document with the default settings - see what we get.
  • We can see all the elements, some of the relationships...
  • The Quick document default is to only show relationships in one direction. In this example, FROM the TestCase TO the requirement
  • Maybe we also want to show the link in the other direction, FROM the requirement TO the TestCase
  • There are also some important Tagged Values which are not in the document. Let's get eaDocX Quick Document to find and print them as well.

Change the Quick Document defaults, and generate a new document

  • In the EA Project Browser, Right click for Specialize > eaDocX > Settings > Application Settings
  • This is where you can change the defaults - to make the document simple or to show more detail.
  • Change "Show Reverse Relationships" to True
  • Change "Show all Tagged Values" to True
  • Create a New Quick Document and see the differences...
  • ...lots more connectors!
  • ...and the Tagged Values are being printed.

Use "Compact Document" to remove the (none) entries ( in Tools > Options and Settings menu) and regenerate.

  • Now check the Forward and Backward links
  • And the Tagged Values
  • All done!