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eaDocX is available in Professional, Corporate or Collaboration editions. Which Edition do I need?

Collaboration Edition


Corporate Edition


Professional Edition


Print all EA data including Project data and all kinds of diagrams including notes.

Format elements as tables, paragraphs, or a combination, Using Word Styles and Word Table styles.

Include relationship information and auto-generated hyperlinks between related elements.

Use Instance Classifiers just like any other Relationship type, and document Instances

Add Manual cross references, linked documents.

Produce collated Element Reports of elements wherever they are in your model.

Use Model Views to create simpler documents

Report and print using sorting and filtering options, plus use Compact documents to suppress empty headers.

Create Matrix Reports including multiple source/target attributes and choice of relationships. 

Conditional Formatting and text/data replacement.

Quick document - instant model view.

Generate options - Full, draft and document sets.

Auto Templates - for multiple small documents with similar content

Auto-generate Adding a Glossary, document information and change marking.

Print EA Element comments and replies

Import content from Word documents into EA

Use Scripting to write your own eaDocX mini generators


Save each document version as it is generated.


Capture and print Document History and Referenced documents


Capture and print Document Reviewers/Owners/Contributors


Export EA Element data to Excel by Package or Element type


Perform data changes in Excel (update and add new attributes and Tagged Values, including TVs of Attributes)


Edit EA Connectors (create, update, delete)


Compare Excel spreadsheet data with exported EA data


Import Excel data directly into EA


Create & vIew Excel charts with the eaXL 'time machine'


Use EA Scripts for post-processing of EAXL imports e.g. to create relationships


Include Auto-updated Excel spreadsheets in documents


Include Excel charts in documents


Publish HTML documents


Password controlled access for stakeholders to review documents on-line

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Create requests for collaboration (questions, votes, compliance requests)

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Set time limit for reviewer responses

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SImple UI and instant feedback for reviewers


All reviewer contributions stored in EA model

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