... for Designers

It's the designer who can probably make best use of the huge range of modeling capabilities in EA. All the UML model types are supported, and with the usability that EA users have come to expect.

You can put all your design knowlege into one place, and with the ability to link it back to the requirements, you can get a level of traceability which is hard to beat.

With eaDocX you can make full use of all that work, by producing documentation that shows just how great your design is. 

  • No more slaving over compliance documents. Create the links in EA, then let eaDocX produce you a world-class specification document to show what's there.
  • Use the power of eaDocX to show where there are issues to be resolved, or items which need your readers attention.
  • And, if your stakeholders want to see Excel spreadsheets, then eaDocX can produce those too.

Once you've shared your work with others, updating your model to include their feedback is simple, as eaDocX letsyou read back from Excel into EA with a single click! No more 'spreadsheet hell': keep all your comments and ideas in EA.

Keeping track of all your documents and versions is simple too with eaDocX Document Management.

Using  EA and eaDocX on even one project is great, but as you move to the next and the one after, you can re-use the information already captured in EA to make the next project simpler. EA allows you to start buiding a repository of design information: infrastructure components, standard terms, component designs, which you can start to use on many different projects. Just drop the items into an EA diagram, and let EA show how the items relate together. Then let eaDocX print it all out for you.

So EA and eaDocX keep on giving you huge benefits in time-savings and delivered quality for your work.

EA and eaDocX: Giving you more time to do what you do best: design.