... for Reviewers

Reviewing documents can be time consuming, inefficient, boring, and at worst, a waste of time.

Making sure you have the correct version, duplicating comments that others are making, only discovering too late that the correct people haven't been involved in the review. 

But with eaDocX, it's easy to see what's happening and where your contribution is really needed.

Just click on the link in the review invitation and enter your password. Then securely access the documents ready for your review.

See who else is reviewing*, what others are saying about the content and in what areas of the document the author needs your input. So you can spend your time on the parts of the document that matter.

Clean and simple navigation

eaDocX Collaboration edition lets you review the document in the way that suits you.

The clear menu structure summarises all:

  • comments,
  • questions and answers,
  • vote requests and submissions, and
  • compliance requests and responses.

so you can quickly view where in the document you need to focus.

Or scroll through the content and use the colour coded tabs located at the points of interest give you the context for each individual collaboration.

Work anywhere, on any device

As busy people we need to be able to make the most of every minute. Documents available via your web browser mean that you can access, review and collaborate wherever there is an internet comnnection - using your iPad, tablet, smart phone or your laptop. Making even travel time effective.

See what your team is doing

The dashboard* allows you to see who else has been invited to review the document and how their review is proceeding - so you can be sure the right people are being consulted and know that they are contributing.

Receive instant updates

As the document is published online, all comments and responses are added to the database immediately, so you can see what others are contributing in real time* and be sure that your input is stored even if you lose connection to the web.

Completing the review

As long as the document is open for review you can come back to the document and add or amend your contributions as often as you want. Then when you have finished your review you can mark it as complete - giving the author confidence that you have contributed all you want to. 

* Only if the document collaborations have been set to public.