With eaDocX Reports we can look at our EA model in a whole new way.

  • Element reports pull information from anywhere in the EA repository, and select based on simple criteria. These include
    • Value of any attribute e.g. all Issues where Status = 'High'
    • Presence of some data in an attribute - good for quality checking e.g. 'All the Use Cases which don't have a description.
    • Dates - before, after - excellent for getting a quick update on what's changed in a model e.g. 'All the Requirements created since last Monday'
    • We can control how these reports look with the same flexibility as the rest of eaDocX: as paragraphs or as tables, including any and all attributes.
  • Relationship Matrix reports are the same as the EA Matrix report, and are included so that we can use this great EA feature in our documents. There are two styles available for the matrix, which give lots of options when printing the report. It also allows us to select whch elements appear in the report by element type AND stereotype.