Full Range of EA Information

We don't know which bits of EA you're going to use, so eaDocX can put any EA data into your document:

  • Regular EA Elements: Use Cases, Classes, Requirements,Tables... including all their attributes
  • All the EA Diagrams: Use Case, Sequence, State, Class
  • All the EA Project data: Tasks, Issues Resources, Glossary definitions
  • All types of relationships: Aggregation, Assembly, Association, Collaboration....

Plus Package information, and as many Tagged Values and Stereotypes as you define.

And for relationships this gives something really special...

Starting with your 'source' element or package:

  • you can print any of its attributes or tagged values
  • you can include information about all associated relationship and all related elements
  • you can choose what data to print - select as many data fields as you want from all the available attributes and tagged values of those relationships and elements 
  • you can print the data in tables or as paragraphs
  • you can include hyperlinks to and from those related elements if they are documented elsewhere in your document

This allows every stereotype of every element to be formatted exactly as you want, letting the richness of your model to be fully documented and new insights gained.  eaDocX therefore opens up new ways of printing your model data, easily taking your documents to new levels of quality.