How do I add more than one Section?

To prevent confusion, eaDocX will not allow you to add an EA Section inside another one.  To help you, eaDocX adds blank lines above and below each Section it inserts.

The pink bookmarks show where each Section starts and ends.

For example:


This is my Word document.

This text is hand-written.

In the sections below, text from EA is in italics


[Section: intro]

This came from my EA Model

So did this



Now we're back to hand-written text.

Like this. We might want to put diagrams, tables, and other

non-EA material here. But remember that EA can contain

almost any kind of information, so try to put as much

material there as possible.


[Section: MoreStuff]

This also comes from EA



..and finally, some more hand-written




When you start a new document it is good practice to put a few blank lines in before you start adding eaDocX sections. Then you can be sure to have space above and below to add any other content, whether that is handwritten text or other Sections.