Introduction to eaDocX Training Materials

eaDocX is transforming the way EA users communicate with their stakeholders.

  • Creating high quality Word documents formatted to meet exacting requirements.
  • Using the power of Excel to distribute EA model data, capture information and instantly update their models.
  • Producing documents for each stakeholder containing exactly the information they need, and only that.
  • Clear identification of the whole document history, including versioning, approvals, related documents and more, all saved in the EA model whenever the document is regenerated.  

And creating documents the eaDocX way gives great ways to quality check EA models. eaDocX reads the project meta-model and then

  • Quick document reveals inconcistencies in the way relationships have been modelled 
  • Conditional formatting highlights where data is missing or incomplete


To help you get started so you can discover these benefits for yourself, we have just published "Introduction to eaDocX", a self-study training guide that will help you to become productive really quickly.

Just visit our Trial Download page to try it for yourself.