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Managing an RFP response with eaDocX 

Collaborating using Master and Model documents

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EA on your iPad

The eaDocX Collaboration Web App lets consumers of your models view and interact with your model in a whole new way. Optimised for iPad, your reviewers will love the simple UI and instant feedback. And the work of collecting and collating inputs from many people is done for you - making it much quicker and easier to update and re-issue your documents.

Try the live demo or


Support for EA RTF Master and Model documents

If you have already tried to produce documents using the built-in EA RTF generator, then you may already have some master documents or model documents defined.
eaDocX 3.7 can now use those master- and model-document definitions to create eaDocX documents. So you can use your existing documents and Read More...

What's new in eaDocX 3.7?

Over the last few months we have added quite a few features to eaDocX, usually in response to requests from users. Here is a round-up of a few of them which you might have missed, covering :Read More...


Collaborating using Master and Model documents

WIth the release of eaDocX v 3.7 it is now possible for EA users to collaborate online using Master and Model documents. Just add your EA master or model document definitiion to an eaDocX document, then publish it to the web.

Each reviewer will have a link and secure password so they can fully interact with the document and other reviewers. As everything is stored in the EA model it's Read More...


Not your typical office...

In the summer the Ability Engineering / eaDocX team moved into our new offices in the Brecon Beacons. In a purpose built space for the first time, we now have room to welcome any of our customers and colleagues who arrive - we promise a free cup of tea or coffee to anyone who makes it to the door! The green technologies we have installed mean that Read More...


EA User group events

This year we have been involved in organising SEVEN different events. Zurich, London, Minneapolis, Paris, Brussels, Stuttgart, and the final event of the year, in a couple of weeks time, Södertälje. Lots of travel and even more time in organisation, but it has been a great way to get to meet lots of EA and eaDocX users and learn a lot about how EA works in the real world. We hope to meet many more of you in 2016. If you want to see what goes on, download presentations from previous meetings or book a place at a future event, visit


eaDocX in Swedish

On November 23rd Scania are hosting the next EA User Group event in Södertälje. The event will be mostly in Swedish and eaDocX will be there, represented by the Ferrologic team. (We decided to leave it to the language experts). To see Read more...



Ian: The Artful Modeller

Ian has started a new blog: .

Anyone who has been on one of his training courses, or spent any amount of time with him knows he's got a lot of strong opinions about what works and what doesn't in the world of models. And in his words:

"Decided to start writing it all down. Books are too long, and too hard to read. Blog seems to fit my time better. So off we go…"

His blogs so far cover, well, why don't you take a look? - I couldn't do them justice. Read More ...


EA for Teams

The latest training course offered by Ability Engineering covers the practicalities of structuring your models and setting up your project teams to work together effectively.
Covering: Sharing EA data, Baselines, XMI and DIFFs, Reference data, Reusable Asset Service, Security, Harvesting, Scripts, MDG ,Organisation and Roles and Rolling out EA. At the end of the day you'll have an action plan for each area and a clear understanding of how each element will contribute toyour EA roll-out. Read More... 


Managing an RFP response with eaDocX - Published in Programmez 

The July issue of Programmez, the French language magazine for developers,  featured an article about managing an RFP response with eaDocX. Written by Guillaume Finance of Viseo it provides French speakers with insight into how one of our customers has used the Excel integration of Corporate edition, and in particular the round-tripping of EA data, to make the mechanics of proposal evaluation easy.  If you'd rather see it in English then he has helpfully posted an English version of the article here.


Do you have an eaDocX related article to share?

Maybe a story about how your team is using eaDocX to do something new? Or how it is impacting what information you store in EA? Or how you share that information? Then let us know.

Contact Us, and remember - if we publish your story you get a (very) limited edition eaDocX t-shirt!