WIth the release of eaDocX v 3.7 it is now possible for EA users to collaborate online using Master and Model documents.

Just add your EA master or model document definitiion to an eaDocX document, then publish it to the web.

Each reviewer will have a link and secure password so they can fully interact with the document and other reviewers.

With everything stored in the EA model it's quick and simple for the author to review feedback and make changes where necessary.

Other collaboration solutions let you collaborate on documents, by commenting, tracking comments, comparing documents and the like ... or insist that everyone must have full access to a model, in which case they need to understand the modelling standards and model structure in order to add or amend model content sensibly.

By contrast, eaDocX lets your reviewers collaborate on your EA model through documents.

They think they are commenting on a document, but in fact they are commenting in the model.

That means they don't need to be modellers or have explicit access to your model in order to contribute. And as a single eaDocX collaboration edition licence lets you publish an unlimited number of documents to an unlimited number of reviewers, collaborating with EA data has never been so easy.

Take a free 30 day trial at to find out how it could work for you.