Nearly two weeks on, the news in the UK is still all about Brexit and the political fallout thereafter.  

eaDocX has always been pro Europe, pro America, pro- Australia, pro-[insert the name of your country here], so we are saddened to discover that there are many in our country who do not share our views, and who are, in some cases, expressing xenophobic opinions and stirring up hatred.

In contrast, and to prove our continuing dedication to international friendship, we will provide a welcome and free tea or coffee to any eaDocX customer who visits our office, whatever your country of origin.

Many lessons can be taken from the result, but one key observation for me is the way in which 'Leave' politicians used rumour, misinformation and slogans instead of facts, and how poorly the 'Remain' campaign articulated their message. The Remainers had lots of information, expert opinion and benefits to shout about, but couldn't find a way to communicate them clearly to the key constituency 

What an example of what goes wrong when we don't communicate clearly.

Now I'm not saying that if they had used eaDocX they would have done a better job, but ...

Learn from our experience: The more complex your message, the more you need to make sure you communicate it clearly. If you don't, you may end up with a very unexpected result. 


(PS. Thank heavens for the Welsh football team who are writing a good news story. Today everyone in the UK is trying to find a way to claim a Welsh connection in advance of the Euro 2016 semi final match against Portugal. eaDocX is developed in Wales so we are proud to support our boys.