A great opportunity arrived in my inbox today.

In June we were asked if we would like to attend the DREAM 2016 conference in Utrecht - we said yes and Ian offered an abstract. Then we heard nothing... We assumed it had gone away so carried on making other plans.

Then today, just 7 days beforehand, we were told that we are accepted and can we come please?

Sadly we have had to say no. Time and tide waits for no man and our calendar filled up with other things. sad

We worked with some of the organisers of DREAM at an EA User Group conference in 2014, they are a great bunch of people and we do hope they have a very successful event next week. And if you are going - have fun!

We do apologise if you are expecting to see us there. You may still see Ability Engineering is on the Agenda with a presentation entitled "Model Driven Delivery". To find out more, look out for our blog posts here and articles on the Ability Engineering website in the coming months...

And we definitely hope to attend DREAM in 2017. Maybe you will too?