Quick Document

Quick Document allows you to generate a document with just a single click. But it's not just Quick

It's also Smart!

Simply select the EA Package, element or diagram you want to print, then in the EA Project Browser, select  Extensions | eaDocX | Quick Document.

This will generate a new document containing the package, element or diagram you selected.

..but there's a lot happening!

Quick Document will :

  1. Open a new Word document, using your default Using Word Templates
  2. Add two sections to it - one with some Document Information, and another containing your package, element or diagram
  3. Auto-generate a profile for the document. This examines which kinds of Elements and stereotypes you have used, and how you have chosen to connect them together. . This uses the same technology as the Model Expert.
  4. Generate the document.

‚Äč...and all in a few seconds.

If you're really lucky, this will be exactly the document you want. More likely this will be nearly the document you want, but it will have all the essential elements defined, so you can now refine the document to look exactly the way you want.

For more information on eaDocX Quick Documents, see the eaDocX Help, or the Video: eaDocX Quick Document