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Frequently Asked Questions

Licensing, installation, software requirements, upgrades and more

eaDocX comes in three editions: Professional, Corporate and Collaboration.

Professional Edition

From the start, we designed eaDocX for EA users who want to create accurate, readable Word documents from their EA models, and that’s what we deliver in eaDocX Professional Edition. Providing all the familiar features and formatting options of Microsoft Word to EA users.

If you just need to produce high quality Word documents tailored to a demanding audience, with no online reviews, no versioning, and don’t need to work with Excel then Professional edition may be sufficient for you. However, if you need more, there’s…

Corporate Edition

Corporate edition allows you to

  • create lots of Word documents, and lots of versions of those documents, and keep track of them
  • move data into and out of EA regularly, either to bring new data into your models, to produce Excel reports, or use Excel to do quick edits of EA data
  • add graphical charts to your Word documents, giving a full and rich picture of the content of your EA models.

We created these new features, and packaged them into the eaDocX Corporate Edition, along with all the existing Professional Edition features. That meant the problems of easily creating documents and managing versions had been solved.

Taking that a step further, we were asked to provide a solution to managing document reviews and approvals, so we created…

Collaboration Edition

With Collaboration edition you get all the great Word and Excel integration features for which eaDocX is well known, and use those to automatically collate revisions and simply update your EA models directly from your documents.

When you need to share your EA model with the widest possible audience and make it easy for your document reviewers to give you feedback, eaDocX Collaboration Edition is the way to go. Simple for reviewers, simple for authors, simple for modellers.

So which one do you need?

First a quick reality check. For each user, the price difference between a Collaboration and a Corporate Edition or between a Corporate and a Professional Edition is less than the cost of a good Business Analyst for a day. So don’t spend too much time deciding!

Whichever edition of eaDocX you choose, you can be sure that your documents will reveal the quality of your EA models with style. Thousands of users all over the world are already using eaDocX to create great documents. Join them today.

Compare editions

The eaDocX trial download lets you use all the Word, Excel, publishing and review features to create documents from your EA model for 30 days.

If for some reason you need more than 30 days to complete your evaluation of the software, please Contact Us to request an extension.

eaDocX is available as a Standard Licence or as a Group Licence.

Standard Licence keys are valid for a single user, installed on a single computer. The license may be transferred to another user if, as stated in the terms of the eaDocX License Agreement, you tell support@eadocx.com that it has been re-assigned. That way, we can provide support to that new user. You may not sell-on any eaDocX license, or copy the license code, other than for backup purposes.

Group Licence keys allow a pool of users to share a licence between them, up to a maximum number (up to 10, up to 30, or unlimited users). Choose the size based on the total number of EA users in your team who produce documents.

Note that for all eaDocX licences there are no limits to the number of documents that can be created, and no limits to the number of collaborators who can review your documents.

eaDocX Floating licences have been replaced with Group licences which are sized for the total number of users.

If you previously bought eaDocX floating licences and wish to continue with this solution, you can renew support and get access to the latest releases of eaDocX software. These will continue to work in your environment.

Alternatively, if you wish to replace your Floating licence you have two options:

  1. Swap your floating licences for 3x the number of fixed (single-user) licences. So, if you bought a 10-user floating licence, we’ll swap that for 30 separate single-user licences, including 12 months support and maintenance.
  2. Swap to a Group Licence. As per the example above, a 10-user floating licence would be replaced by an ‘up to 30’ user Group licence, valid for 12 months.

Why no more Floating licences?

Floating licences rely on all users having access to a shared eaDocX Licence server application (LSA) to check out the licence keys. Some customers encountered an error message of “Invalid character in base-64 string”, often when maintenance was applied to their shared server.

Throughout, it’s always worked fine in our development and test networks. But a problem which we can’t replicate is one we can’t fix.

We went back to the original creators of the licencing software (we don’t write it ourselves) and they can’t fix it either – for the same reason: we can’t tell them how to replicate the problem.

eaDocX desktop installations

For organisations running EA as a desktop application, group licences provide flexibility and ease of use for distributed teams and team members.


Having flexibility in the number of users who can share the software reduces your need to precisely forecast how your organisation will use eaDocX. A Group licence accommodates changing patterns of use:

If you are rolling out the software and are unsure of how quickly you will get to full deployment or if there is a company reorganisation and an unexpected change in team size or use happens, a Group Licence can flex with your needs.

Simple to manage

Group Licences are not dependent on a shared server to manage licences, making it simpler for IT support teams to implement.

Your eaDocX Group licence works independent of network changes and supports staff who may work both on-site and remotely.

There is no need to manage a register of keys.

Easy to Use

No need to be connected to the company network. No need to wait for a licence to become available. Users just load eaDocX onto each machine, enter a single key, and start work.

eaDocX in the Cloud

eaDocX group licences are the best solution for Enterprise Architect cloud hosted environments. See eaDocX in the cloud for more information.

All customer downloads are available to logged in customers at: https://www.eadocx.com/learn/downloads/

Access to files is controlled by your profile and the status of your licence support.

  • Only keys which are in support give access to customer downloads. If your support period has ended you will need to buy a renewal to access the latest code.
  • If you think there is an error with your key, please Contact Us.
  • Close Enterprise Architect.
  • Uninstall the eaDocX Trial from your machine.
  • Install the full version of eaDocX.
  • Open Enterprise Architect.
  • Enter your eaDocX licence key in the Specialize | eaDocX | Licence Information dialogue screen.
  • Validate your key.
  • Start creating great documents!

NB You cannot use a full eaDocX license key with the trial installation. The trial version has a hard-coded key, which always expires 30 days after first use, and cannot be re-installed on the same computer.

The eaDocX Trial and full customer code releases available for download are always at the latest version. We don’t make back versions available so please take your own back-ups.

All eaDocX licences include support and access to software updates. When your support period ends you will need to renew your support to make sure you can access new software releases and raise support tickets.

N.B. Bug fixes and new features are always included in the current code version only. We do not fix or provide downloads of old versions of eaDocX.

Development of eaDocX is continuous. As we use it more, so we discover new things that we want it to do, as well as finding things that we could do better. You can help us by sending suggestions through the Feature request form.

  1. During your free 30-day trial, the support team is available to provide up to 1 hour of free web advice to help you get started. BOOK YOUR FREE HOUR NOW
  2. The first place to look? We recommend that you search the Forum  as many issues have been raised and answered there.
  3. Logged in customers can submit Support tickets. Requests can include bug reports or specific issues in their use of the software. Note that if material required to resolve Support queries is commercially sensitive, we will be happy to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement to ensure confidentiality.
  4. Requests for feature enhancements can be submitted
  5. For more tailored support covering your use of EA and eaDocX together, then an enhanced support package is available which can include a combination of training, consulting or remote mentoring (on-demand web-based support).

Operating System

Windows 10 & 11. Will probably work on older versions of Windows, but we no longer test for this.

Virtual Environments

We do not test eaDocX in any virtual environments e.g. VMWare, Citrix:  there are too many of them, and too many combinations of OS, environment, EA version and eaDocX version. This is why we have a 30-day trial!

However, we do have many customers using eaDocX successfully in virtual environments. And we do our best to help you get it working.

eaDocX also works fine in out Sparx In the Cloud environment. See

Microsoft .NET Framework

3.5, 4.0, 4.5

Microsoft Office

Word and Excel  2013+ .

Office 365/Microsoft 365: Business Standard, Business Premium and Apps for Business

Note: eaDocX will NOT work with Word 2010/2013 where Word is used in the  Click-2-Run style or Office 365 (Personal, Family or Business Basic editions), as this only downloads parts of the Word application, and not the parts which eaDocX uses. eaDocX works fine with fully-installed 2010 and 2013.

BUT 32-bit Office 2013 only. We are still investigating why 64-bit Office 2013 doesn’t work

From Excel 2013/2016 onwards, owing to a Microsoft change, eaXL does not open inside EA but in an external window. However, all eaDocX features work fine. We are waiting for the Microsoft fix…

(* however, some Office 365 customers have found that installing Visio makes eaDocX work!)

Enterprise Architect

eaDocX was originally designed on EA v8, but we generally test only on the current and previous EA versions. Right now, that means EA v15.2 and EA 16.1

Users with EA v14 or newer releases require eaDocX v4.0 or later.

Note that eaDocX, in common with all other EA extensions, will not work with eaLite after eaLite V10 (i.e. v11 and above) due to a deliberate change in EA.

Databases supported

  • EAP
  • We test with Oracle, SQLServer and MySQL.
  • We know of issues using eaDocX with MySQL when it is running on a LINUX server, so DO NOT recommend this configuration
  • PostgreSQL also has issues, due to inconsistencies in the EA/SQL interface, so also do not recommend this

Firstly, you don’t need to re-install eaDocX: EA takes care of that.


You will need to re-enter the eaDocX Licence key. This is because your application settings, such as your licence key code, are stored by EA, but in a file which changes as you change EA versions. So, when you upgrade EA, ALL your eaDocX application settings are lost.

We’re sorry about this, but we just don’t have any way of going back and getting the settings from an old version of EA.

So you’ll need to re-enter your eaDocX licence key code in the Specialize | eaDocX | Licence Information dialogue screen.

(P.S. You can find your eaDocX key by logging in and selecting Licences).

eaDocX can format all legal Unicode characters – so we believe it supports all languages using these characters.

It has been extensively tested with English EA models and documents (our native language), and has successfully produced documents in French, Dutch, Belgian, German and Spanish, Polish and Czech.  Other languages are still awaiting confirmation.

Please download a trial version and tell us about your experience using eaDocX to produce documents in your own language.

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get access to all the information you need without registration.

There are lots of hints & tips on using EA and eaDocX, and on customising EA to make it do exactly what you want.

However, registering on this site helps us to provide you with the information and resources you need:

  • You can download the eaDocX trial
  • You can submit questions or contribute to conversations on the forum
  • You can buy software through our online shop.
  • You can register a key to access customer downloads and raise support tickets.

We use the information you give us:

  • To let you know about new versions of software that have been released.
  • If you are a customer, to remind you if your licence key or support is due to expire
  • And to occasionally send you a newsletter with information about EA products and events that may be of interest.

So please register now! We promise NO SPAM, and we will never pass your details to ANYONE else EVER.

To download full code releases and access support:

To use eaDocX:

  • Install eaDocX* on your machine
  • Open Enterprise Architect
  • Choose Specialize | eaDocX | License Information
  • Enter your eaDocX license key in the dialog screen
  • Start creating great documents!

(* eaDocX license keys will not work with 30-day Trial versions. Please uninstall any previous versions of eaDocX, including trials, before installing a new release)

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