Renew Model Expert support

Model Expert licences support and maintenance can be extended or renewed depending on the expiry date of your last support subscription.

Discounted Support Extensions are available for purchase ONLY if your licence is still in support or for up to 2 months afterwards.

Support Renewals are available up to 12 months after the expiry of your licence support period.


Click  , then you will be offered the products for which you are eligible. Note that the number of licences you have will be auto-populated in the shopping basket.

For more information about support subscriptions see What's the difference between an Extension and a Renewal?





12 months support:

36 months support:

$83 each $208 each


12 months support:

36 months support:

$125 each $249 each

* These are the ONLINE prices. To buy Licences via Purchase Order, there is an additional one-off charge of $67 applied to cover manual processing of the order.

A Note on Taxes