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eaDocX is available in Professional, Corporate and Collaboration editions. Choose the right one for you.

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Simple generation of complete Word documents from EA

Use any EA data source - packages, matrices, diagrams, searches, views

Tailor contents for each Type and Stereotype

Add EA content to any existing Word document

Smart Glossary creation

Include other EA Project data including linked documents & EA Element Comments

Automatically generate cross references for easy navigation

Format Content as Paragraphs & tables

Use Word styles - paragraphs/numbering/tables and Word Templates

Include conditional formatting, sorting and filtering

Tables of Contents, Figures, and Tables

Include/Exclude content, hide empty fields, add change marking

Quick Document

Define auto templates for your standard documents

Create document sets, share document profiles

Draft generation

Hyperlinks from connectors

Import into EA from existing Word documents

Refine existing EA documents

Extra options using Scripting

Document management (versioning, approvals etc.)

Publish to html

Include Excel charts and tables in Word documents

Export and EA data in Excel, including connectors

Import from Excel into EA

Excel Chart 'time machine'

Create Excel spreadsheet templates

Model Collaboration with online documents

Easy model updates with the Revision Manager

Working with Teams, Sharepoint and Dropbox

Stakeholder guided reviews

Reviewing documents with overlapping EA content

Built-In EA traceability

For individuals (12 Months support)




For individuals (36 Months support)




For teams (12 Months support)

Less than $130 per user

Less than $200 per user

Less than $250 per user

A full list of all product prices can be found here.

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