Prolaborate licences





Prolaborate is available in several different deployment options:

  1. Prolaborate On Premise deployment
  2. Prolaborate Cloud hosted deployment *
  3. Prolaborate and Enterprise Architect Cloud hosted deployment *
  4. Prolaborate as an Add-In

For each of these, the price will depend on

Already bought Pro Cloud Server?¹ Yes/No

How many modellers?²

How many model consumers?³ ?


The Ability Engineering/eaDocX team was the first and is the best Prolaborate Value Added Reseller.

We have many years experience working with Prolaborate.

And we can help you to install and configure your models in Prolaborate, provide training for Licensed users and a range of other support services.

to discuss the best solution for your company.


* Minimum purchase = 12 months

¹ Pro-Cloud Server is a separate product available to buy from Sparx Systems. Note this is not the same as ProCloud Server Express which is available free of charge with Enterprise Architect when more than 5 licences have been purchased.

² How many concurrent users will need access to model data in Prolaborate (Licensed users)

³ How many people will be invited to participate in editing and commenting on your model contents. (Reserved users)