eaDocX Licences



Standard Licences


Group Licences



<$100 per user!





<$200 per user!




<$600 per user!



Standard licences are perpetual and include 12 or 36 months support. All customers in support can download the latest version of eaDocX. Options to renew support.

Group licences are valid for 12 months.


eaDocX® Upgrades can be bought at any time to give you and your team access to additional features¹. Alternatively, you may need to change the way your team accesses or shares your eaDocX® licences²:

Please Contact Us for a bespoke quotation 

NB. You will need to provide your current licence key code(s) or order numbers to allow us to provide you with an upgrade price.

¹ Compare Editions for a summary of the features of Professional, Corporate and Collaboration editions.

² View our Licence Types guide or see Group Licences for the best way to make eaDocX available across your whole team.