eaDocX® Upgrades can be bought at any time to give you and your team access to additional features¹:

  • Professional to Corporate
  • Corporate to Collaboration
  • Professional to Collaboration

Alternatively, you may need to change the way your team accesses or shares your eaDocX® licences²:

  • Standard to Floating
  • Standard to Organisational
  • Floating to Organisational

Upgrade prices are based on the number and type of licences you already have, plus your remaining support subscription.

Please Contact Us for a bespoke quotation 

NB. You will need to provide your current licence key code(s) or order numbers to allow us to provide you with an upgrade price.

¹ Compare Editions for a summary of the features of Professional, Corporate and Collaboration editions.

² View our Standard or Floating licence guide or see What is an Organisational licence? for the benefits of each way to share your licences across your team.