New online shop plus special offers

What's changed?

The eaDocX operations team have recently been busy - beavering away to upgrade our e-shop.

We are still using Digital River, but within their portfolio of products have migrated from SWReg to Share-IT.

Share-IT is the platform used by Sparx Systems, so it should be very familiar to all our customers. 

From now on, all our "Buy Now" buttons take you through to Share-IT. Although the shopfront and cart look different, all the products are the same, and for those who are buying extensions or renewals, your eaDocX account will be automatically updated in the same way as before.

Special Offers?

The new platform gives us the opportunity to offer you extra products at special prices. When the shopping cart appears, look out for the money off deals. These will be changing through the months.

To start with we have set up 2 deals...

  1. Customers buying new eaDocX licences can buy an enhanced support package for 20% off the normal price.

  2. Customers buying any eaDocX licence, extension or renewal can buy Model Expert licences at 40% off the normal price

These offers are time limited, so grab them while you can.

Join us in Utrecht

It's just 2 weeks to go until the next EA User Group Event in central Utrecht, hosted by The Future Group.

Three streams of content over 2 days from EA and industry thought leaders. What's not to like?

There's a training day - with half day sessions allowing delegates to focus in depth on topics - on Thursday 27th September. That is taking place at the Tribes Utrecht Central Station venue.

And then on Friday 28th September, a user group day with shorter presentations, user stories and networking. For that we are returning to the fantastic Nederlandse Spoorwegen (Dutch Railways) headquarters venue where we met in 2014. 

The eaDocX / Model Expert team will be there both days, to answer your questions and show you what's new. And Ian will be presenting on Friday too.

For full details of the agenda and venue and to book your place, visit

See you there!

Attribute mapping



Mapping attributes is a really useful feature of Sparx EA. It lets to describe in detail where an attribute comes from or goes to.

The mapping can be seen easily in a class diagram. The problem is that inputting the data is painful, but all that is fixed in eaDocX V4: see our short video


eaDocX V4 released

We are pleased to announce the release of eaDocX 4.0, complete with a new Trial version


Lots of NEW FEATURES plus full compatibility with EA v 14 *

If you are a customer with a current support subscription you can download and install the full version of code and start working with v4 straightaway

If not, then try out the trial version of eaDocX V4. It is a full-function version of eaDocX Collaboration Edition, so has all the functions and features of the full product.


It includes a new 30-day licence, so if you have previously tried eaDocX v3 for 30 days, then you can have 30 more days with V4.



·  eaDocX 4.0 now supports using Instances for capturing and documenting systems.

·Major refresh of eaXL

oAll-new user interface: easier to find and export the data you need

oSeparate menus for eaDocX(Word) and eaXL - easier to use

oeaDocX/XL workbooks and all their worksheets/charts and ranges all appear as EA elements, so you can open them quickly from the EA PB. Make Excel spreadsheets an integral part of your model

oTime-machine for Excel charts - go back to see what they looked like in older versions of your spreadsheets/models

oFast editing of Tagged values of Attributes

oFull editing of connectors: update, create new and delete

·Auto Templates lets you create lots of small documents with similar content.

·Print Element comments, plus replies to comments. Just create a Quick Document on some elements which have comments, to see what's possible.

oComing Soon - Add Prolaborate comments into your eaDocX documents.


(* NB eaDocX and eaXL can now be found under the 'Specialize' menu, not the 'Extension' menu, as was the case up to v13)


Plus bug fixes and corrections

See the release notes for more information

eaDocX - Prolaborate Integration

We are delighted to announce that Prolaborate release 2.5 includes the ability to view and download all your eaDocX documents on the web alongside your EA model content.

This continues our mission help you to share great EA model content with all your stakeholders, in ways that work best for them.

To make sure Prolaborate can access your documents,  just follow these steps:

  1. Generate, 
  2. Enable Document Management*
  3. Save inside your EA model.

Detailed instructions can be found at



This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Buy Prolaborate




Full information about Prolaborate can be found at


* Document Management is available in the Corporate and Collaboration editions of eaDocX. 

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