Model Expert 2020 launched

...and any excuse for a rocket photo...



It's taken a very long time, but the latest, much improved, Model Expert 2020 has now been launched.





  • New Insights

It has new ways of displaying what your model contains - dashboards, word clouds and meta-model diagrams

  • Find and Fix stuff easily

It includes menu options to take you directly to problem elements, connectors and diagrams, showing you the issues and letting you fix them there and then.

  • Create Multiple reference models and diagrams

Make it straightforward to check work against your modelling standards. At package or diagram level, check against tailored subsets of your best practice modelling.

  • Real time help to model 'Right First Time'

Define in your model what best practice modelling looks like for your team. Then use that to create your own pop-up help, tailored choices and a simplified User Interface which just apply to specific 'managed packages'. So it's much harder to model poorly.

  • Apply modelling standards in 'Hard' or 'Soft' modes

Sometimes you just want to let people know the best way, but not force them; other times you definitely want to make sure they don't go off piste. The choice is yours.


Apply Model Expert 2020 at whole model or at individual package level

So no matter how large and complex your model, you can give every member of your modelling team the right level of support for them.

Take a Free 30 day trial now.

Add a Model Expert to your team

eaDocX and Model Expert in Gdansk

On May 24th 2019, the next EA user Group will be held in Gdansk, sponsored by ATENA.

This is the very first User Group event to be held in Poland and the team from eaDocX and Model Expert will be there. We are looking forward to meeting many EA users, including you! To make sure you don't miss out, book your place now at

As well as giving you the latest on eaDocX and Model Expert, we will be presenting three topics:

Keynote: EA - 19 years of changes

Ian Mitchell

EA was first delivered in 2000, and has had a new release almost every year since then. But where is it now? What's different from how we used it in 2000 compared to 2019? What does the EA eco-system look like after nearly 20 years of changes & add-ons, partners and products, modelling languages and customizations.?

Ian has been an EA user since V3.5 (we're now on V14). In this session, Ian will look across the current Sparx world, to see how people are using EA nearly 20 years after it all started.

He'll look at how the core of the tool has stayed true to the original idea, but how our usage of it has changed. He'll explain how Sparx fits in to the wider worlds of architecture, agile developments and web-based applications and tools, and might even try to predict what the future might hold.


Challenges and Solutions in scaling up EA

Ian Mitchell

So you've bought some EA licences, done some modelling, and had some successes. Now it's time to get more people into the EA world.
Just buy some more licences, and wait for everyone to say how smart you are.
Except it doesn't work like that.

Scaling-up EA is about much more. Everything is about to change: not just more people, but people with a different set of skills, doing different kinds of modelling, under different pressures from different stakeholders. And maybe not even in the same location as you.

Ian will share some experiences of how EA users all over the world are meeting this challenge, by a combination of good project management, sensible scoping, some innovation and lots of hard work. If you're thinking about wider use of EA in your organisation, this is the session for you.


Using EA to become your project manager's best friend

Jackie Mitchell

Modelling has changed how complex IT projects are analyzed, designed and delivered. Models can join up the skills and knowledge of lots of different people. But experience tells us that there is often a disconnect between the language, background, and sometimes even the objectives of Project Managers and modellers.

In this presentation, Jackie who has with many years experience in Aerospace, Telecoms and IT Project and Programme management will discuss what Project Managers want, and identify opportunities for modellers to use the content of their EA models to make everyone more successful.

Group Licences



A single EaDocX or Model Expert licence for your whole team:

Group Licence


With simple installation and management plus maximum flexibility for users.

No need to be connected to a shared server for the licence to work.

Annual review lets you flex your licences as your needs change.


There's more:

  • The licence is sized to match your expected use, based on the number of individuals using the licence over a year.
  • If the size is exceeded then the licence will not stop working. But we will review usage with you and then use that information as part of the data set to agree what size of licence is appropriate for the next year.
  • Note that if the usage is a lot more than was expected then we may request an additional fee ‘in year’ to upgrade you to a more appropriate size of licence.
  • A Group licence is valid for 12 months only, so Group licence customers will receive a new licence key each year, subject to renewal.
  • N.B. eaDocX Organisational licences were an early version of the Group licence. So Organisational licence users already know the benefits of working in this way.


AE Black Mountains Model Management Summit

Calling all Model Managers.

Ability Engineering is hosting the

Model Management Mountain Summit

     Reserve your place now     

Who is it for?

  • EA Model Managers.
  • Learning together and building on each other's ideas & experience
  • Tackling agreed common problems ***. 
  • To develop and deliver transferable skills and solutions that you can apply to your models straight away.
  • It's "Davos" for Large Enterprise Architect Models

*** Everyone attending will bring a question for the group, and we will work on answering them together. Here are some ideas to get you started...

  • How can we maintain control of our architecture models?
  • What's the best way to coordinate model contents across programmes and projects?
  • How can we improve the way we do model governance? 
  • What can we do to make sure quality doesn't drop as the model grows?
  • What's really going on inside our models?
  • ... [your question here]

When and where will it happen?

Wednesday February 20th 2019.

  • At a purpose built meeting venue in the Black Mountains in Wales
  • Your ticket includes fantastic locally sourced and prepared food from Abergavenny - home of the renowned Food Festival.
  • To ease travelling we will start at 10am and finish by 4pm.
  • We can collect you from and deliver you to Abergavenny Rail Station.
  • Contact us for local accommodation or travel recommendations.

What will it cost?

Just £35 per person.

Practical Info

  • We have just 20 places available - to make sure that everyone has the chance to contribute.
  • Ideally just one person from each organisation – to get the widest possible selection of model problems/perspectives.

How will it work?


Each person coming will submit at least one ‘problem statement’ of a particular aspect of model management in EA that they are grappling with.
Problem statements to include as much supporting information as possible.
These will be accessible by everyone in a private Google group for a few weeks so that everyone can comment/discuss and think about them beforehand.
From the problem statements and discussions, we select 6 that are representative of the whole or of wide interest/application. (Selection date = Thursday 31/01/19)
On the day:

The authors of those 6 problems will give a short (no more than 9 minutes each) presentation to the assembled Summit.
Everyone present votes, and the top 3 are chosen to be workshopped.
We split into teams and each team works on one of the three chosen issues.
Each team comes up with some options/impacts/recommendations and presents back to the whole Summit for review and comment.
And after:

That will be up to you.

New online shop plus special offers

What's changed?

The eaDocX operations team have recently been busy - beavering away to upgrade our e-shop.

We are still using Digital River, but within their portfolio of products have migrated from SWReg to Share-IT.

Share-IT is the platform used by Sparx Systems, so it should be very familiar to all our customers. 

From now on, all our "Buy Now" buttons take you through to Share-IT. Although the shopfront and cart look different, all the products are the same, and for those who are buying extensions or renewals, your eaDocX account will be automatically updated in the same way as before.

Special Offers?

The new platform gives us the opportunity to offer you extra products at special prices. When the shopping cart appears, look out for the money off deals. These will be changing through the months.

To start with we have set up 2 deals...

  1. Customers buying new eaDocX licences can buy an enhanced support package for 20% off the normal price.

  2. Customers buying any eaDocX licence, extension or renewal can buy Model Expert licences at 40% off the normal price

These offers are time limited, so grab them while you can.