Collaboration just got even better

The eaDocX team at Ability Engineering is delighted to announce that alongside the document collaboration capabilities of eaDocX, there is a new web collaboration capability for Sparx EA users:


·         Friendly, fast, responsive web interface into your EA models.

·         Personalised dashboards to make each users’ first experience of EA a great one

·         All licence plans have unlimited free read-only access

·         Highly customisable: people and groups see only what you want them to see…

·         ..and in only the detail you need, down to the level of individual attributes

·         Users can update EA data, but only the individual elements & attributes you want – highly controllable

·         Reviews and Approval processing built-in, so Prolaborate becomes part of the project workflow

·         Create permanent links from other tools – wikis, Jira, Jama, Sharepoint etc  directly into EA. So real-time EA data gets integrated into those tools via Prolaborate

·         …and lots more stuff.


We’re really proud to have used our experience of eaDocX to bring this new way of working to you.

We like it.

We like it so much, we now use it to collaborate ourselves:

  • EA for the detailed modelling,
  • Prolaborate for sharing, refining and agreeing.


If you want to find out more then Contact Us, or visit today.