Group Licences



A single EaDocX or Model Expert licence for your whole team:

Group Licence


With simple installation and management plus maximum flexibility for users.

No need to be connected to a shared server for the licence to work.

Annual review lets you flex your licences as your needs change.


There's more:

  • The licence is sized to match your expected use, based on the number of individuals using the licence over a year.
  • If the size is exceeded then the licence will not stop working. But we will review usage with you and then use that information as part of the data set to agree what size of licence is appropriate for the next year.
  • Note that if the usage is a lot more than was expected then we may request an additional fee ‘in year’ to upgrade you to a more appropriate size of licence.
  • A Group licence is valid for 12 months only, so Group licence customers will receive a new licence key each year, subject to renewal.
  • N.B. eaDocX Organisational licences were an early version of the Group licence. So Organisational licence users already know the benefits of working in this way.