eaDocX V4 released

We are pleased to announce the release of eaDocX 4.0, complete with a new Trial version


Lots of NEW FEATURES plus full compatibility with EA v 14 *

If you are a customer with a current support subscription you can download and install the full version of code and start working with v4 straightaway

If not, then try out the trial version of eaDocX V4. It is a full-function version of eaDocX Collaboration Edition, so has all the functions and features of the full product.


It includes a new 30-day licence, so if you have previously tried eaDocX v3 for 30 days, then you can have 30 more days with V4.



·  eaDocX 4.0 now supports using Instances for capturing and documenting systems.

·Major refresh of eaXL

oAll-new user interface: easier to find and export the data you need

oSeparate menus for eaDocX(Word) and eaXL - easier to use

oeaDocX/XL workbooks and all their worksheets/charts and ranges all appear as EA elements, so you can open them quickly from the EA PB. Make Excel spreadsheets an integral part of your model

oTime-machine for Excel charts - go back to see what they looked like in older versions of your spreadsheets/models

oFast editing of Tagged values of Attributes

oFull editing of connectors: update, create new and delete

·Auto Templates lets you create lots of small documents with similar content.

·Print Element comments, plus replies to comments. Just create a Quick Document on some elements which have comments, to see what's possible.

oComing Soon - Add Prolaborate comments into your eaDocX documents.


(* NB eaDocX and eaXL can now be found under the 'Specialize' menu, not the 'Extension' menu, as was the case up to v13)


Plus bug fixes and corrections

See the release notes for more information