Organisational licence launched

eaDocX Organisational Licences (OL) are the new way to manage how your teams produce their Enterprise Architect documents.

Flexible, simple to manage and easy to use.

The OL has been designed for larger organisations with distributed teams and team members who all need access to common software, but for whom the traditional licencing options are not suitable.
Until now, eaDocX licences have been either:
  1. single user, machine specific licence keys, or
  2. multi user, floating licence keys that require users to always have access to a shared server,
In large organisations, each of these can present challenges:
  1. If each user has a separate single-user key, who will administer the keys? Who will buy additional keys as new users want to use eaDocX, and will that be a barrier?
  2. If you use floating licences, what happens when the network changes, and users can’t ‘see’ the licence server to get a key? They also have the problem of who buys additional keys.

For these users, the eaDocX Organisational Licence (OL) provides a great alternative.


Having flexibility in the number of users who can share the software reduces your need to precisely forecast your organisational use of eaDocX. So the OL accommodates changing patterns of use:

  • if you are rolling out the software and are unsure of how quickly you will get to full deployment
  • or if there is a company reorganisation and an unexpected change in team size or use happens.

The Organisational Licence can flex with your needs.

Simple to manage

  • As the OL is not dependent on a shared server to manage licences, it makes it simpler for IT support teams to implement.
  • Your eaDocX OL works independent of network changes and supports staff who may work both on-site and remotely at other clients.
  • There is no need to manage a register of keys.
  • And eaDocX support and maintenance is channeled through specific users, defined by you, to ensure quality and consistency of experience. 

Easy to Use

  • No need to be connected to the company network.
  • No need to wait for a licence to become available.
  • Users just load eaDocX onto their machines, enter a single key, and start work. yes

ADDED BONUS! Self Study eaDocX training materials are provided with your Organisational Licence so your team can all get maximum benefit from the software.

Discover how an Organisational Licence could be the right solution for your organisation. Download the guide or Contact Us for more information and a quotation.