Autumn 2014 Newsletter

It's been a busy 6 months...

... so here's our digest of important EA and eaDocX news and resources that you don't want to miss.

And suddenly - nothing happened!
Well, quite a lot did happen really, but it's all under the covers...
The main change we have made in v3.5 will hopefully be invisible to you. In order to allow us to do some exciting new stuff later this year, we have re-factored the eaDocX Generator - the beating heart of the system - which has allowed us to introduce the ability to save Word documents as an HTML file. Yes, we know that both Enterprise Architect and Word can do that already, but the developments we are working on will take all that to a new level... watch this space.

Other improvements for v3.5
  • Improved Document Management features - to make managing documents and their EA elements easier.
  • Adding Images into HTML sections
  • Extra Settings and Options for Printing Diagramst
  • Floating licence diagnostics - more detail added
  • Enhanced Help - particularly for non-English language users
  • Unicode fixes for eaXL
  • PostgreSQL support introduced

Full information can be found in the Latest Release Notes blog article
If you want to know what else people are talking about, take a look at our Forum.


eaDocX Organisational Licence launched

Designed for larger organisations with distributed teams and team members who all need access to common software, but for whom the traditional licencing options are not suitable, the Organisational Licence is flexible, simple to manage and easy to use.
Find out how an Organisational Licence could be the right solution for your organisation.



The latest "must have" accessory

Jackie presented  T-shirts to speakers at the London and Toronto EA User Group events who shared their experiences of using eaDocX to document their EA models. Here's just a few of the recipients with the latest addition to their wardrobes ... Dina (pictured above), David, Joab and Charlene.
(See the t-shirt design here.)



And there's more...

It is obvious that you are a bear of great brain, having downloaded eaDocX and discovered what great documents it produces and how easy it is to use. However, there may be others in your organisation who still need convincing.
So point them at the website for a free 30 day trial of all the latest features, tell them about the UML, EA and eaDocX training available, or let them know about remote mentoring that puts experts on hand whenever you need them. 


European EA User Group - Tickets available NOW!

Since launching these events in October 2012, the community of EA users in Europe has been enthusiastic in coming together to share best practice and keep up with the latest developments.
The next event is the sixth one in the series. It is being held in Ottobrun, near Munich, Germany on 7th October - places are still available for this German/English event. Join us there!

For more information about events planned or to book your place, visit You can also download presentations from previous events,