Brexit or eaDocXit?

Nearly two weeks on, the news in the UK is still all about Brexit and the political fallout thereafter.  

eaDocX has always been pro Europe, pro America, pro- Australia, pro-[insert the name of your country here], so we are saddened to discover that there are many in our country who do not share our views, and who are, in some cases, expressing xenophobic opinions and stirring up hatred.

In contrast, and to prove our continuing dedication to international friendship, we will provide a welcome and free tea or coffee to any eaDocX customer who visits our office, whatever your country of origin.

Many lessons can be taken from the result, but one key observation for me is the way in which 'Leave' politicians used rumour, misinformation and slogans instead of facts, and how poorly the 'Remain' campaign articulated their message. The Remainers had lots of information, expert opinion and benefits to shout about, but couldn't find a way to communicate them clearly to the key constituency 

What an example of what goes wrong when we don't communicate clearly.

Now I'm not saying that if they had used eaDocX they would have done a better job, but ...

Learn from our experience: The more complex your message, the more you need to make sure you communicate it clearly. If you don't, you may end up with a very unexpected result. 


(PS. Thank heavens for the Welsh football team who are writing a good news story. Today everyone in the UK is trying to find a way to claim a Welsh connection in advance of the Euro 2016 semi final match against Portugal. eaDocX is developed in Wales so we are proud to support our boys. 

June Development News from eaDocX

New Developments - coming soon

eaDocX v3.9

Work is underway on this release for Professional, Corporate and Collaboration edition users, coordinating with Sparx Systems to ensure seamless integration with EA v13.
The release will also include a non-admin installer for eaDocX, making it simpler for users to get started on creating documents with eaDocX. 

eaDocX "Collaboration in a box"

We are developing a 'stand-alone' version of eaDocX Collaboration edition so the free 30 day trial can be run entirely on your local machine (avoiding permissions, infrastructure, firewalls and more). This will allow users to get the full eaDocX Collaboration experience: to read documents generated from your EA models, add comments, answer questions and submit votes. Then see how their inputs are stored inside the model.

eaDocX v4.0

UI redesign: At eaDocX our aim has always been to make creating great quality documents a simple process. And we have responded to user requests to add function, giving you more and more options. But this has resulted in complexity, particularly for new users. So we are re-designing the User interface of the desktop application, to make it even easier for you to create great documents.


Model Expert

Following feedback from users we are enhancing our Model Expert features and offering this as a stand-alone product. Users will be able to ensure model quality, consistency and accuracy. The simple Analyze, Validate and Fix approach will let you compare your model data against standard reference models - either externally defined or generated from your existing model.
Now everyone can be a model expert.


June Events News from eaDocX


Join us June 10th 2016 at Schiphol, NL where Ian will be sharing experiences helping a client manage a very large model and modelling team. He will also demonstrate the extension he developed based on that experience. His presentation is

"Becoming a Model Expert"

This day full of information, inspiration and networking also includes
  • "EA@" presentations - companies describing why they use EA, who uses it and what for.
  • Problem solving tutorials and advice in "HowTo"
  • Guidance on the "Modelling" capabilities of Enterprise Architect
  • PLUS the new features of EA version 13.0 presented by Tom O'Reilly, COO of Sparx Systems.

We will also be alongside the Sparx Systems team at two London.conferences
  1. Enterprise Architecture and BPM conferences Europe 13-14 June 2016
  2. Gartner Enterprise Architecture Summit15-16 June 2016

We hope to see you at one of these events.

London 2016 EA User Group Tickets on sale

What? The London EA User Group event for 2016

When? 17th May 2016

Where? CodeNode, 10 South Place, EC2M 7EB

Who? The movers and shakers, the opinion formers, the enquirers and the wise in the European EA world

Why? User stories, Technical track and two EA User forums. And eaDocX will be there (of course)


See the full agenda and buy your tickets HERE


London EAUG 2016 Call for Speakers

Call for Speakers

EA Usergroup event: London May 17th 2016

Venue = CodeNode, 10 South Place, EC2M 7EB, London

Do you have something to share with your fellow EA users? An EA success story or a cautionary tale to tell?

You are invited to submit presentation topics in one of two formats we are running this year.

The first is a TED-style, less than 20 minutes, focused talk, and the second a 40 minute extended exploration of a topic. 

Please see for more information and to send your ideas/proposals, or contact us directly.

eaDocX® is delighted to be supporting this next Enterprise Architect User Group London Event on May 17th, 2016.

See you there!