Autumn 2013 Newsletter

"The past is a foreign country. They do things differently there..."*

Can you remember life before eaDocX? 
  • you had to be able to programme in order to print out the EA content you needed?
  • your EA documents looked different to all the other documents in your organisation?
  • creating and updating them took so long you had to put extra time into the project schedule when you were asked for something new?
  • everyone had to have the same document because it was too hard to get different views of the same information?
It's hard to believe things were ever that difficult. We can't remember it, because in the last 2 years we've been working with you to transform the documents you create from EA, and changing how you use EA in your business.
As well as working one-on-one with individual clients, we've also developed loads of new features. So the things eaDocX can do have expanded so much, and the documents you can create are so much better, that life before really does feel like a foreign country.

As it's the start of a new School year here in the UK we decided that now is a good time to take stock. So welcome to our school report:

Product Highlights

Since Autumn 2012 we have continued to develop eaDocX to make it even better at producing the documents you need.
The changes we have made fall into 2 categories:

Our ideas (which all came from you really):
  • Improved Quick Documents - eaDocX can be set to either read your whole model or just a package to produce an initial document
  • Phone Home - keeping you up-to-date with the latest releases
  • Model Expert - reads your model and creates a diagram of your meta-model to help you spot errors and inconsistencies
  • Extra Settings and Options to give you more control of your documents
  • Improvements to Table formatting including Landscape printing and use of Word table styles
  • Execution of named macros in Excel worksheets for automated report generation from EA data
  • Support for Microsoft Word 2013 and Excel 2013

...and Your ideas:
  • Suppress empty rows and columns in Matrix Reports
  • Use Word Table styles and symbols in Matrix Reports
  • Heading Style over-rides and extra Heading level support
  • 'Per Repository' settings
  • Hidden profile (prevents accidental deletion)
  • Print realtionship TVs
  • Changes to printing of InstanceClassifiers
  • Ability to add fixed value attributes
  • Add cross references (with hyperlinks) to diagrams
  • Extended information saved about each document
  • Document using TVs on Connectors and Sequence Diagram messages
  • Document InformationItems
  • New Attributes available for StateFlow connectors
  • Copying of Element Reports and Relationship Matrix Reports
  • Refined Searches and  inclusion/exclusion rules for Element Reports
  • Customised scope for EA searches
  • Custom sorting for sub-elements and relationship tables
  • Simplified Stereotype formatting
  • and more...

Take a look at our Forum to see what people are talking about at the moment.

* quote from "The Go-Between" by LP Hartley


Ty Gallu: Open for Business

This month has seen the opening of the new Ability Engineering / eaDocX Head Office in the Brecon Beacons National Park in Wales. On August 9th 2015 we were delighted to welcome dozens of colleagues, partners, friends and neighbours to the grand opening of "Ty Gallu". 

Visitors not only saw our offices, but also the green technologies we have installed behind the scenes. WIth electricity generated by our own micro-hydroelectric scheme (when it rains) or photo-voltaic cells (when the sun shines), and heating from a biomass boiler using renewable wood pellets, our carbon-negative workspace is going to transform our working life as well as our impact on the planet.

NB The name "Ty Gallu" is Welsh, and can be translated either as "Ability House" or Power House". Both seem appropriate!

As part of the day, we were encouraged, challenged and blessed by these words of prayer from our local Methodist Minister:

"May all who share the life of work here grow in wisdom and grace, may they learn to love whatever is good and rejoice in Your creation. May all who meet with this business find a welcome, and truth and integrity."

So if you are passing by, we'd love to welcome you here in the Grwyne Fawr valley. The coffee pot is always on...

Here are a few shots of the place to whet your appetite.

Ty Gallu with Sugar Loaf in the backgroundCroeso y Ty Gallu Photo-voltaic cells on the roof at Ty GalluView of the terraceView from the terrace (Fort on hillside across the valley)View up the Grwyne Fawr

and finally: we have the internet too!And we have an internet...

Ian, Jackie and the eaDocX team


eaDocX in Paris and Brussels in September

Tickets are available now for two EA User Group events in September 2015

The eaDocX team will be in Paris on September 17th and in Brussels on September 18th at the EA User group events, showcasing our new Collaboration edition.

The event in Paris is being hosted by VISEO, and not only will we be demonstrating all the latest features, Guillaume Finance of VISEO will also be giving a presentation of eaDocX Collaboration edition in French.

In Brussels, the presentations and demonstration will be in English. 

In addition to meeting the people responsible for your favourite EA document generator, there will be lots of great presentations sharing best practice and user stories to help you make the most of Enterprise Architect.

Check out the full agendas and buy your tickets now at

See you there!


Stuttgart EA User Group Call for Speakers

EA users are invited to submit presentations for the German/English language EA event being held on October 6th 2015 in Stuttgart, Germany.

For full information please visit or see the Future events Stuttgart call for speakers.

Speaker submissions are possible until September 6th so don't delay!


EAUG September 2015

Paris and Brussels EA Usergroup Tickets


Paris = 17th September 2015
Brussels = 18th September 2015


Visit for more information and to
book your place.

For just €75, join with other Enterprise Architect users for a day of practical insights, advice, experience and inspiration.
Attend either event and get all the content from both conferences as soon as it is available.

Note, the Paris event will mostly comprise French language presentations, the Brussels talks will be mostly in English.

The agenda for Paris is now confirmed...
...but there are still opportunities to submit a presentation for Brussels. So if you have a story to share, please contact us by August 18th.




Don't Forget...
Paris, 17th September 2015
Brussels, 18th September 2015