4.0 Release Notes

What's new in eaDocX 4.0

  • eaDocX supports EA V14 - eaDocX and eaXL can now be found under the 'Specialize' menu, not the 'Extension' menu, as was the case up to v13.
  • eaDocX 4.0 now supports using Instances for capturing and documenting systems.
  • eaDocX (word) and eaXL ( Excel) now have separate menus  - clearer user experience
  • ...and much, much more! - 15th May 2019

- new feature to allow for loading of Report formats from an exrternal Profile XML file. Makes it easier to put the same report into multiple documents

- fix to loading of V3 document, where they have Element reports, and those element reports have custom formatting, and that custom formatting has nested formats. - 30th April 2019

Significant change to eaXL, so that when opening a spreadsheet for the first time on a package, data will load asynchronously, so user has a change to say 'cancel' if it's taking too long

Also, this process speeded-up a lot!

Fixes to generation of multiple document (from a diagram of documents) so it allows for external documents. Also more checks for external documents which are not found.

Fixes an error with which had a missing DLL from the installer. - 4th April 2019

 Fix to adding of Document Version history in documents which use Document Management - 27th March 2019

Fixes for:

- printing of stereotyped Element Tests - 21st Feb 2019

 Fixed issues with 'Save As' for some documents. - 4th Feb 2019

Fix to error when doing a 'Quick Document' on a diagram which has 'Text'  elements. - 12th December 2018

- fixed issue with export of tagged-value data in eaXL using V3 profiles.

- Also changed eaXL UI to make it scale better, and hopefully more readable. MAY also look better on high-DPI screens.

- NOTE: eaXL Search is not tested in this version, due to lack of time. If you rely on this function, then don't upgrade - yet. - 10th December 2018

- fix to eaXl, when opening new empty workbooks, and adding Package sheets

  • Fix to generation of heading greater than 6. Remember that to use headings >6, you must have heading styles in Word which do not have spaces, and add those styles to the document settings / Inline settings / Heading override - 18th October 2018

  • fixes
    • Error when inserting images which are not present in the current repository
    • Error when removing/adding Document Management to some documents
    • Error where Element Report custom formatting options don't display correctly.


4.1.4 - 10th August 2018

  • fixes
    • printing table caption for glossary table - now prints OK (Macki)
    • saving of table title (me)
    • tables now have CRLF between multiple related element entries (Christophe
    • immediate delete and refresh to Profile tree when stereotypes are deleted
  • new features

4.1.3  - 8th August 2018

  • fixed error in eaXL for saving of columns which are data from related elements
  • fixed error in eaXL where it tried to edit Text and Boundary elements. Thanks Theresa
  • option to add style override to inline 'description (notes) field removed - doesn't make sense, and was ignored anyway
  • 'Compare' button in eaXL seemed to have retured - removed
  • Update to Table of Tables  - this now works.

4.1.1 - 24th July 2018

- 2 new options for Quick Documents: 'Don't show the 'completed' dialog box, and 'don't add the 'document information' section. 

- new operator for element reports: 'is one of', so can now have rules like 'if Status is one of Open, Resolved' then include in report - 18th July 2018

New feature: generate a whole set of documents, as a batch. See online help


  • tables which have lists of links to other elements no longer have a comma, just a line-feed. Looks neater
  • Import of Profile into empty Word document now works OK.
  • Excel 'export'  button re-connected. Don't know how that happened...

4.0.8 - 6th July 2018

  • Fix to Conditional Formatting, so it loads correctly fron saved documents.
  • Change to Compact Document - no longer prints tagged values which have no value (that is, value same as the setting for 'tagged value not available'. Makes documents look a bit tidier, especially when used with option to print TVs in Quick Documents.
  • Fixes to generation of children of instances - they now print when the parent instance is in a Quick Document
  • Fix to eaXL to support export of children of instances which are elements, not just other instances.
  • Change to Quick Document to print related elements/instances of instances. Seems to make some SysML documents look better

4..0.6 - 3rd July 2018

- improvements to Quick Document,

allow for creation of both forward and reverse direction relationships,

generation of Tagged Values in quick docs. Both as Application settings, to preserve backward compatibility of user experience

When quick document based on a diagram, diagram will now print with all contents. 

- Fix to Quick Document in 4.0.5 which created a duplicate 'Basic Path' for structured use case

- Fix to display of licence information or group licences. Removed 'zero days remaining' error


4.0.5 - 18th June 2018

 Fixes :

  • User experience for editing attributes of multiple classes (Open package / Open ALL in Excel / Attributes) now same as editing attributes of a single class
    • This also now allows creation of attributes from multiple classes
    • Help added for this use case
  • Adding of additional worksheet now works again
  • UI now resizes better for small screen sizes.
  • Still no fix for screens with >96 DPI (e.g. Surface Pro) - but I am still trying....


4.0.4 4th June 2018

New Features: Now with editing of element feature links, so you can create, edit and delete attribute-to-attribute links. See https://youtu.be/97C2v9HWk2w

·Major refresh of eaXL

oAll-new user interface: easier to find and export the data you need

oSeparate menus for eaDocX(Word) and eaXL - easier to use

oeaDocX/XL workbooks and their worksheets/charts and ranges all appear as EA elements, so you can open them quickly from the EA PB. Make Excel spreadsheets an integral part of your model

oTime-machine for Excel charts - go back to see what they looked like in older versions of your spreadsheets/models

oFast editing of Tagged values of Attributes

oFull editing of connectors: update, create new and delete

·Auto Templates lets you create lots of small documents with similar content.

·Print Element comments, plus replies to comments. Just create a Quick Document on some elements which have comments, to see what's possible.

oComing Soon - Add Prolaborate comments into your eaDocX documents,


Plus Bug FIxes:

There have been lots and lots of bug fixes in V4, including items from the eaDocX forum where fixes were specifically requested:

Forum Reference 1535 - Linked documents don't generate where documents are saved on a OneDrive. Fix = Saves the temporary file in "Appdata"
Forum Reference 1528 - Incorrect generation of hyperlinks to related element Alias. Fixed
Forum Reference 1526 - Incorrect printing of Tagged values in multi-hop relationship tables. Fixed

- Change to auto-template generation of diagrams - stop generation of un-named elements (causes Word to fail) 

- fix to generator for printing of elements with multiple steretypes, all of which inherit the same profile. 

- added 'Term' to list of available element types when adding a new profile 

- Old eaXL help items no longer included in help, until help can be more generally updated


Release New Features

- Can now open Attributes/methods of an element, even where there are no existing ones specified

- double-click in 'Available Fields' adds the column

- double click in 'Columns' deletes it 

- some of the 'first help' has been implemented, to show users additional help the irst time they use an eaXL feature. Not all features have this enabled, and not all enabled feature have full explanations.

Bug FIxes:

- eaXL 'Export' to a closed Workbook no longer produces a misleading error.

- Sort function restored,

Known Restrictions

- no editing of sub-elements, apart from attributes/operations(methods) in eaXL

- no editing of Project items, except for Project Glossary (terms)

Fixes: - fix to Beta2

- removed hard-coded debug link to First Help file. - Second Beta


- Repository defaults changed so that new worksheets save correctly in a repository which has never seen eaDocX V4 before

- switching between the 'Workbook' and 'Worksheet' icons in the structure tree view now works properly.

- eaXL No longer tries to export and import diagram notes

Issues indentified and fixed, but not yet released

- 2 new options for Quick Documents: 'Don't show the 'completed' dialog box, and 'don't add the 'document information' section. 

- new operator for element reports: 'is one of', so can now have rules like 'if Status is one of Open, Resolved' then include in report


v3.9 Release Notes

3.9 Release Notes 14/9/2017. This should be the last release of V3 - we're now concentrating on V4, so probably no new fixes or features for a few weeks.
 - removed the code which tried to remove the Word command bars (trying to prevent user from closing Word, which crashes EA) but this doesn't work that well with Office 2016

- added 'property type' as a hyperlinkable variable (useful for SysML) 31/8/2017

Fix to printing of sequence diagrams when choosing 'diagram and contents'. Removed in error.

Also fix to printing of Parameter data atypes: they can now contain <> characters - 29/8/2017

Fixed issue with creation of multi-hop relationships. - 17/8/2017

Fixed issue where Word paragraph styles are set to 'all caps' or 'small caps', whihc prevented heading hyperlinks from working. - 7/7/2017

Several small improvements to Document Management: sorting of Roles for a document, editing of version notes for a document build, sorting of roles and people when generating document

Fix to relationship matrix, to detect change the relationship type, and update the list of available cells to print (including using EA overlays)

Further fixed for Oracle and Postgres databases, for accessing EA matrix reports, scripts and model views.

Fix to saving of Repository settings in Oracle repository.

Fixes to diagram+contents, plus heading levels for table titles. - 10/4/2017

Fix to correct saving of <memo> tagged values in eaDocX/Excel. See issue

Fix to some odd issues with saving of table relationships. - 15/03/2017

Fixed issue with drop-down options for tagged-values of a connector. - 08/02/2017

Minor fix so that when printing a Model View of favourites, if the favourite contains just a single diagram, the diagram prints correctly. - 03/02/2017

New feature which allows for printing of exotic tagged values - these are derived from EA Profiles, and the TV has effectively multiple values, saved in EA as XML within the notes field of the TV. 15 yearsof using EA, and I;ve never seen this before.. - 01/02/2017

Minor fix to correctly save repository settings with postgrSQL databases - 26/01/2017

Fix to issue with adding of custom table formatting to Element reports. - 24/1/2017

Fix to printing of Tagged Values which contains GUIDs of other elements. Previously, eaDocX supported single references (a refGIUD) and now supports multiple refrneces (refGUIList) tagged values. - 16/01/2017

Minor enhancement so that when printing a tagged value, if the tagged value contains ONLY a url (starting with http:// or https:// ) AND a new application setting called Tagged Value URL String (see Application settings / General / Defaul strings) has a non-blank value (such as 'see link') then eaDocX will not print the URL, but just a hyperlink to the URL, using the Tagged Value URL String.

This solves a problem for EA tagged values containing long URLs which have no spaces. If these are put into Word tables, Word tries to make the table column very wide, and messes-up the table formatting. This way, Word only prints 'see link' with the URL hidden behind. Looks neater too. Thanks Dina. - 22/12/2016

Minor fix to processing of Notes/Description fields in Excel. Previously, eaDocX/Excel added extra LF characters to the end of the field. 

Now it doesn't, and, as a special Christmas gift, will also remove any LF chars which might already be at the end of the field. - 15/12/2016

Minor fix to printing of scenario steps. Now correctly prints multi-line steps. If, like me, you didn't know that scenario steps could have multiple lines, you just click Cntl-enter to get a new line. Always good to learn new bits of EA. - 29/11/2016

  1. Fixes to printing of multi-hop relationship tables.
  2. Fix to new 3.9 installer so that it finds the built-in help, independent of where the user decides to install the application, or whether as 'All users' or 'single user' - 03/11/2016

Changed the eaDocX installer so that it can now be installed in two ways:

1 - Users with Admin rights can now install eaDocX for 'All Users' of a machine. Useful where you have a virtualised environment

2 - Users without admin rights can still install eaDocX (previously, everyone had to have admin to install it) but only for their own user account on the machine, - 03/11/2016.

Fixes for eaDocX/Excel: new attribute available for class.attributes 'position' - order of the attribute in the lists. Also Excel will now correctly handle tagged values which are GUID references to other elements. - 21/10/2016

Minor fix release - sorted an issue with printing a combination of 'Diagram+all contents', 'stand-alone connector list' and 'restrict connectros to diagram'. All combinations now work correctly - 19/10/2016

Fix release- removed a test menu option left in, and fixed the detection of repository type so that it works OK with Shortcut links as well as native links to different database types. - 18/10/2016

Main highlights for 3.9 are the enhanced support for the Postgres database type, and some new function for printing connectors in diagrams.

  • POSTGRES support. SQL has been changed so that all of eaDocX (including eaDocX/Excel) now support POSTGRES
  • Diagram Connectors: eaDocX can now print details of the connectors in a diagram, not just the elemenets (with their associated connectors). See Printing connectors about this feature, or the help.
  • Additional features: new attributes for class attribute elements: isID, Style and Container. We didn't know these even existed before!