With eaDocX Collaboration Edition you can now

  • publish your eaDocX documents to a website
    • intranet to readers within your organisation
    • extranet to your chosen partners
    • internet to anyone you'd like to collaborate with!
  • get your reviewers to contribute online,
    • Use any platform with a suitable web browser: PC, iPad, even a phone!
    • Ask them questions about individual EA packages, diagrams, elements or element attributes
    • Give them choices and let them vote
    • Let them see what everyone else is saying, and join the conversation
  • and have all comments from all users added straight into your EA model.
    • In real-time
    • Makes them part of the permanent record



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See for yourself how easy it is to review, comment and interact using one of our eaDocX collaboration documents online.

New users: just download the trial and use all the features for 30 days

Previous triallists: This version will work even if you have downloaded eaDocX before.

Current customers: We recommend you uninstall any existing eaDocX versions from your rmachine for this trial. Don't worry, all your documents will continue to work with this trial version.


This brief video explains the principles of how to set up your document for review, what the author will see, and how the document review data is stored in Enterprise Architect

This is a 5-minute guide to setting up collaboration for the first time with eaDocX Collaboration Edition.

It assumes that you are already familiar with creating great documents with eaDocX – this is just the new bits.


To learn more, see this white paper - 7 Steps to Agile Documents.